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Swedish Proverbs (001-100)

Relations and friends should be visited but not lived with.

A child's hand is soon filled and a
child's anger soon emptied.

An hour lost is often a year lost.

One misfortune shakes hands with another.

What the moment broke may take years to mend.

A peacock has too little in its head and too much in its tail.

He who cannot carry the stone must roll it.

He who eats his bread alone saddles his horse alone.

A proverb says what man thinks.

When it rains soup the poor man has no spoons.

A forbidden meal is quickly eaten.

Everyman's friend is often everyman's fool.

No one has peace longer than his neighbor wishes.

He who guards his mouth often guards his life.

He who has taken the bear into the
boat must cross over with him.

He who has nothing but virtues is not much
better than he who has nothing but faults.

Youth has a beautiful face and old age a beautiful soul.

He who builds and he who marries is never safe.

The calendar is made by man; the weather by God.

Not all who turn their backs are running away.

One should go invited to a friend in good fortune
and uninvited in misfortune.

He who buys what he doesn't need steals from himself.

Where wisdom doesn't go in it doesn't come out.

Chips don't fall without being hacked from the tree.

A child is a certain worry and an uncertain joy.

A piece of bread in one's pocket
is better than a feather in one's hat.

When luck offers a finger one must take the whole hand.

Wisdom without use is fire without warmth.

He is a friend to none who is a friend to all.

Love has made heroes of many and fools of many more.

Everyone has his own devil, and some have two.

Death is the last doctor.

One good day often costs a hundred bad nights.

The day we fear hastens toward us, the day we long for creeps.

Empty is the purse that holds other folk's money.

No one can live on beauty, but one can die for it.

Death combs us all with the same comb.

The butterfly often forgets it was a caterpiller.

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.

If a fool could keep silent he would not be a fool.

No grass grows under the stone that is often moved.

Dust is always dust however near to heaven it may be blown.

If every lie were to knock out a tooth, many would be toothless.

Misfortune rides into the villages, but leaves them on foot.

Black earth gives white bread.

What one whispers in the ear
is heard throughout the town.

God gives every bird its food
but does not cast it into the nest.

No one becomes a good doctor
he has filled a churchyard.

Taking an eel by its tail and a woman
at her word leaves little in the hand.

Many make themselves a dog for the sake of a bone.

Experience is a long road.

A wise man has his tongue in his heart.

Soft words hurt not the mouth.

The eyes believe their own evidence, the ears that of others.

Strange eyes see more than one's one.

Marriage is like a fish trap:
Those who are out of it want in,
those who are in want out.

Age's virtues are dearly bought.

If lies were as heavy as stones to carry
many would prefer the truth.

To fall is easy; to get up is difficult.

The poor are not those who have little,
but those who need much.

Fortune follows him who flees from it,
and flees from him who seeks it.

He who does not commit follies in his
youth commits them in his old age.

Better to suffer for the truth than be rewarded for a lie.

The old man shows what the young man was.

The most stupid peasants get the largest potatoes.

God makes no wreck without cause.

One finds many gray hairs but few wise men.

One hand full of money is stronger than two full of truth.

It is hard to put many heads under one hat.

Water comes where water has been.

What life gives death takes.

Love or fire in your trousers is not easy to conceal.

A woman's heart sees more than ten men's eyes.

Neither hat nor crown help against headache.

Guests should not forget to go home.

A shadow is a feeble thing but no sun can drive it away.

The old man shows what the young man was.

Small pots soon run over.

He who has acquired honor early commits many follies.

Everyone prizes justice but shuts the door when it comes.

The house that is built after every man's advice seldom gets a roof.

What one knows no one knows; what two know everyone knows.

With a young lawyer you lose your inheritance;
with a young doctor your health.

Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies.

When one wheel in the clock stands still, all stand still.

When money speaks the world keeps silent.

That which goes last into the sack comes first out.

Vices willingly bear the names of virtues.

He who wants to wrestle with wolves
must have a bear's claws.

The rope has never been made that binds thoughts.

Seeing once is better than hearing twice.

To lazy pigs the ground is always frozen.

A pen often reaches further than a sword.

A life without love, a year without summer.

Youth goes in a flock, manhood in pairs,
and old age alone.

Soft words hurt not the mouth.

All the wit of the world is not in one head.

A lie in time of need is as good as the truth.

Wisdom is in the head and not in the beard.

We all have a fool under our cloaks,
but some can hide it better than others.