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Spanish Proverbs (201-300)

There is no worse joke than a true one.

Everyone sneezes as God pleases.

He who sows brambles reaps thorns.

The bread eaten, the company departed.

Blood boils without fire.

The cat is friendly, but it scratches.

Little bird, little nest.

Who has no bread to spare should not keep a dog.

He who denies everything confesses everything.

He that makes one basket can make a hundred.

At an auction keep your mouth shut.

Go not every evening to your brother's house.

He whose house is tiled with glass should
not throw stones at his neighbor's.

The rotten apple spoils its companion.

A fifth wheel to a cart is but an encumbrance.

When a fox is in his hole, the smoke fetches him out.

One bee is better than a thousand flies.

He who begins badly, ends badly.

Never ask of him who has, but of him you know wishes you well.

Don't send away your cat for being a thief.

Arms and money require good hands.

It is better to strive with a stubborn ass
than to carry the wood on one's back.

There is no beast so savage but sports with its mate.

Let him play the instrument who knows how.

It is not the hook or the rod, but the bait that lures.

A hungry belly listens to no one.

A cracked bell will never be sounded.

He who does not whip the child does not mend the youth.

Friendship broken may be soldered, but never made whole.

Do what the friar says, and not what he does.

If the child cries, let the mother hush it,
and if it will not be hushed, let it cry.

Every one feels the cold according as he is clad.

What children hear their parents say by
the fireside they repeat on the highway.

There's no making a good cloak of bad cloth.

Better be alone than in bad company.

Wounds heal, but not ill words.

He that has no ill luck grows weary of good luck.

He who sows well. reaps well.

There's no argument like that of the stick.

A fair-weather friend changes with the wind.

A girl draws more than a rope.

If you want to know secrets, seek for them in trouble or in pleasure.

He who tells his own secret will hardly keep another's.

Beware of a reconciled friend as of the devil.

A little embitters much honey.

However bright the sun may shine, leave not your cloak at home.

Though the speaker be a fool, let the hearer be wise.

Nobody sows a thing that will not sell.

He that eats his fowl alone may saddle his horse alone.

Everybody's friend and nobody's friend is all one.

Wind and good luck are seldom lasting.

He who is everybody's friend is either very poor or very rich.

God helps the early riser.

In the garden more grows than the gardener sows.

All do not beg for one saint.

Salt spilled is never all gathered.

To the bold man fortune gives her hand.

The fox is knowing, but more knowing he who catches him.

One wolf does not bite another.

It is a bad hen that eats at your house and lays at another's.

Friends and mules fail in hard trials.

The fox knows well with whom he plays tricks.

God will provide, but a good bundle of straw will not be amiss.

He who does not speak, God does not hear.

A barking dog was never a good biter.

Whoredom and thieving are never long concealed.

He who does not honor his wife, dishonors himself.

As are the times, so are the manners.

The earth hides as it takes the physician's mistakes.

Wherever you are, do as you see done.

The heart is no traitor.

Do not lose honor through fear.

He who helps everybody, helps nobody.

The dress does not make the friar.

The dog that kills wolves is killed by wolves.

The dog wags its tail, not for you but for your bread.

The devil is fond of his own.

An ass with her colt goes not straight to the mill.

Deeds are love, and not fine phrases.

Make a bridge of silver for the fleeing enemy.

The devil turns away from a closed door.

Good wine needs no crier.

Do not tell your secrets behind a wall or a hedge.

He who buys a horse buys care.

He that stirs honey will have some of it stick to him.

What does not happen in a year may happen in a moment.

A full belly is neither good for flight nor for fighting.

When the devil says his prayers he wants to cheat you.

The wolf eats of what is counted.

The cow that does not eat with the oxen
either eats before or after them.

He who does not mix with the crowd knows nothing.

Custom becomes law.

All is not lost that is in danger.

When our daughter is married, sons-in-law are plenty.

Do not spread your corn to dry at an enemy's door.

The hole invites the thief.

The horseshoe that clatters wants a nail.

Between saying and doing there is a long road.

When the river makes no noise,
it is either dried up or much swollen.

Fear guards the vineyard.