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Scottish Proverbs (101-200)

See for love, and buy for money.

An ill life makes an ill end.

Let every man be content with his own lot.

Love and light cannot be hid.

No great loss without some small profit.

True love shows itself in time of need.

Love is never without jealousy.

Either live or die with honor.

A hungry louse bites sore.

Better good sale than good ale.

Ill herds make fat wolves.

Better say here it is than here it was.

A neat maiden makes a dirty wife.

He that's first up is not always first served.

Our sins and our debts are
often more than we think.

A man may bind a sack, before it be full.

A man may woo where he will, but wed where his wife is.

A man cannot wive and thrive in a year.

He that woos a maid must come seldom in her sight.

A wise man carries his cloak in fair weather,
and a fool wants his in rain.

He loves me for little that hates me for nought.

A man cannot bear all his kin on his back.

If you tell your secret to your servant,
you have made him your master.

He that lives on hope has a slender diet.

Better an old maid than a young whore.

A maiden with many wooers often chooses the worst.

When the cup is full carry it even.

Old sins breed new shame.

It is ill to make an unlawful oath, but worse to keep it.

The goat gives a good milking,
but she casts it all down with her foot.

God help the poor, for the rich can help themselves.

Freedom is a fair thing.

All is good that God sends.

He that gets forgets, but he that gives thinks on.

Home is a pleasant word.

Better my friend think me strange than troublesome.

Better give than take by a time.

Never trust much to a new friend or an old enemy.

God comes with leaden feet, but strikes with iron hands.

Nothing freer than a gift.

Every play must be played, and some must be players.

When poverty comes in at the door,
friendship flees out at the window.

When friends meet, heart is warm.

Be a friend to yourself and others will befriend you.

They are well guided that God guides.

A black hen lays a white egg.

When the heart is full, the tongue will speak.

He's poor whom God hates.

Come not to counsel uncalled.

The cow that's first up gets the first of the dew.

Better a bit in the morning than fast all day.

A guilty conscience self-accuses.

He that hews above his head,
may have the chip fall in his eye.

He that is angry without a cause must settle without amends.

Oppression will make a wise man mad.

An ill won penny will cast down a pound.

Beggars are able to bear no wealth.

Better a laying hen, than a lying crown.

Hope holds up the head.

He is a proud beggar that makes his own alms.

Come uncalled, sit unserved.

A great boaster was never a good rider.

Condition makes, condition breaks.

As the cock crows, the young cock learns.

Change of masters, change of manners.

Make the best of a bad cause.

He must needs run, whom the devil drives.

Let him that is cold blow at the coal.

It is hard to please all parties.

Honesty may be dear bought,
but can never be an ill pennyworth.

Fair offer is no cause of emnity.

Of all wars peace is the end.

A hard beginning is a good beginning.

Cut your cloak according to your cloth.

A safe conscience makes a sound sleep.

Confession of a fault is half amends.

Open confession is good for the soul.

A new pair of breeches will soon draw down an old doublet.

If you brew well, you will drink the better.

All cats are alike, grey in the night.

You will never get two breads of one cake.

When the heart is full of lust, the mouth is full of lies.

They that have much butter, may lay it thick on their bread.

When the pot is full it will boil over.

He is a weak horse that is not able to bear the saddle.

He will soon be a beggar that cannot say no.

An ill bush is better than no shelter.

A bashful cat makes a proud mouse.

A halfpenny cat may look at a king.

He that is angry is seldom at ease.

He that wears black must carry a brush on his back.

Cannot has no craft.

Seeing is believing all the world over.

Rome It is hard to sit in Rome and strive against the Pope.

It is an ill bargain where no man wins.

Burn a candle at both ends, and it will not last long.

The cat would fain fish eat, but she has no will to wet her feet.

Leave off while the play is good.

It is too late to spare when the bottom is bare.

Sorrow and ill weather come unsent for.