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Scottish Proverbs (201-300)

He that lives well, lives long.

Sorrow is soon enough when it comes.

Happy is she who marries the son of a dead mother.

Tread on a snail, and he'll shoot out his horns.

As you make your bed, so you lie down.

Were it not for hope, heart would break.

It is no sin to sell dear, but a sin to give ill measure.

Be long sick that you may be soon healed.

He that has not silver in his purse should have silk on his tongue.

He that has one sheep in the flock
will like all the rest the better for it.

A dear ship stays long in the harbor.

Little can a long tongue conceal.

He that's afraid of wounds must keep from a battle.

Bare words make no bargain.

There is many a true word spoken in jest.

Spilled wine is worse than water.

Nearest the heart, nearest the mouth.

It may come in an hour that will not come in a year.

Two wits are better than one.

All the winning is in the first buying.

Bread and cheese is good to eat
when men can get no other meat.

A bow overbent will weaken.

Better eat gray bread in your youth, than in your age.

Good ale needs no wisp.

There came never ill of good advisement.

God does not measure men by inches.

A friend in court is worth a penny in the purse.

Friends agree best at a distance.

He's a good horse that never stumbled,
and a better wife that never grumbled.

Delays in love are dangerous.

An ounce of mother wit is worth a pound of clergy.

No flying without wings.

Every man at thirty is a fool or a physician.

Every man is blind in his own cause.

Every man bows to the bush he gets shelter of.

Every man is not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

The poor man pays for all.

Take a man by his word, and a cow by her horn.

He's no wise man who cannot play the fool by a time.

Honesty is no pride.

He is a gentle horse that never threw his rider.

The happy man cannot be ruined.

Every man is a fool sometimes, and none at all times.

He is a wise man who can make a friend of a foe.

He that woos a widow must woo day and night.

A wonder lasts but nine days in a town.

Every man wears his belt in his own fashion.

Better be the happy man than the happy man's son.

Every man can guide an ill wife but he that has her.

He's a silly man that can neither do good nor ill.

One man may lead a horse to the water,
but four and twenty will not make him drink.

It is no time to bow when the head is off.

A drunk heart lied never.

God help the rich, for the poor can beg.

No man can live longer in peace than his neighbor pleases.

Early master, soon servant.

A hungry man's meat is long in making ready.

As the market goes wares must sell.

There is but one good wife in the world,
and every man thinks he has her.

Good will should be taken for part payment.

Better master one than fight with ten.

A falling master makes a standing servant.

Measure twice, cut but once.

Nothing enters into a closed hand.

An empty hand is no lure for a hawk.

A reproof is no poison.

It is no sin to see wasters want.

Better long little, than soon nothing.

Better short and sweet than long and lax.

A man has no worse friends than
those he brings with him.

A traveled man has leave to lie.

If one will not, another will; so are all maidens married.

He that marries a maiden,
marries a pokeful of pleasure.

A man that would thrive must ask his wife's leave.

Fair maidens wear no purses.

A willful man should be very wise.

Quality without quantity is little thought of.

Make the best of a bad market.

When every man gets his own,
the thief will get the gallows.

The poor man pays for all.

He that would be master of his own
must not be bound for another.

Marry above your match, and you get a master.

If marriages be made in heaven, some had few friends there.

He that never rode never fell.

As the wind blows seek your shelter.

He that has a wife has a master.

He that would eat the fruit must climb the tree.

A proud heart and a poor purse are ill met.

Nothing to be done in haste but gripping of fleas.

A ragged colt may prove a good horse.

Silence catches a mouse.

Every dog has his day, and a bitch two afternoons.

Women's work is never done.

It is a good tongue that says no ill,
and a better heart that thinks none.

Tread on a worm, and he'll turn his head.

A full belly makes a stiff back.

A tumbling stone never gathers moss.

Never take a stone to break an egg when
you can do it with the back of your knife.

He that marries a widow, marries a pokeful of lawsuits.

One hand will not wash the other for nothing.