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Scottish Proverbs (001-100)

God takes care of fools, and drunken men.

Need makes greed.

A misty morning may prove a good day.

Get a name to rise early, and you may lie all day.

The name of an honest woman is worth much.

Ill flesh was never good broth.

A fool when he has spoken has done all.

Good forecast makes work easy.

Greedy folk have long arms.

Keep something for the sore foot.

Better play for nothing than work for nothing.

What is none of my profit shall be none of my peril.

Bitter pills may have blessed effects.

He that will cheat in play will not be honest in earnest.

Rich folk have many friends.

Gut no fish till you get them.

Forbid a fool a thing, and that he will do.

Bridal feud is soon forgotten.

You cannot sell the cow and sup the milk.

A good fellow is a costly name.

Fools should not see half-done work.

A fool may give a wise man counsel by a time.

False folk should have many witnesses.

He that never eats flesh thinks a pudding a fine bit.

Need makes virtue.

A nimble mother makes a lazy daughter.

Handle the pudding while it is hot.

Money is welcome in a dirten clout.

Enough is as good as a feast.

There was never enough where nothing was left.

Experience is good, but often dear bought.

Better a good fame than a good face.

The fairest face, the falsest heart.

A greedy eye had never a full belly.

Fancy flees before the wind.

It is well that all our faults are not written in our face.

When all men speak, no man hears.

Better be merry with something, as sad with nothing.

If you will have the hen's egg, you must bear her cackling.

It is good to fear the worst, the best will be the welcomer.

He is poor that cannot promise.

No profit without pains.

It is hard for a greedy eye to have an honest heart.

Better the end of a feast than the beginning of a fray.

When God will help none can hinder.

Thoughts are free.

He that falls in the dirt, the longer he lies the fouler he is.

If the doctor cures, the sun sees it;
but if he kills, the earth hides it.

Every miller draws water to his own mill.

If you touch dirt, it will stick to your fingers.

Danger past and God forgotten.

Dirt parts good company.

He that is first on the dunghill may sit where he will.

Provision in season makes a rich house.

He that has a full purse, never wanted a friend.

They can do ill that cannot do good.

It is ill to waken sleeping dogs.

A dog will not howl if you strike him with a bone.

Do what you ought, and come what will.

A good overseer is better than an ill worker.

No pains, no gains.

Eating and drinking takes away a man's stomach.

Eating and drinking wants but a beginning.

When drink is in wit is out.

Do well, and dread no shame.

What you do when you're drunk
you must pay for when you're dry.

If better were within, better would come out.

Pride never left his master without a fall.

It is ill to make a silk purse of a sow's ear.

Death defies the doctor.

Old debts are better than old sores.

Nature hates all sudden changes.

A full purse never wanted a friend.

There is many a true word spoken in jest.

Bare words make no bargain.

He that's afraid of every grass
should not piss in a meadow.

Because is woman's reason.

Hunger will break through hard stone walls.

An inch of a miss is as good as a spaw.

He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut.

As soon goes the lambskin to the
market as the old sheep.

Law makers should not be law breakers.

A young saint may prove an old devil.

Ale sellers should not be tale tellers.

Kings have long hands.

Lads will be men.

We are to learn while we live.

Stay no longer in your friend's house than
you are sure that you are welcome.

All that is said in the kitchen should not be heard in the parlor.

Where nothing is, the king loses his right.

He may laugh that wins.

Never too late to learn.

If a child is sent to the well against his will,
either the pail will break, or the water will spill.

He that's afraid of leaves should not come into a wood.

Day light will peep through a little hole.

Be what you seem, and seem what you are.

Ale sellers should not be tale tellers.

Follow love and it will flee you.

A horse with four feet may stumble by a time.

The foremost hound catches the hare.