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Romanian Proverbs (101-167)

Dogs do not bark at a dead wolf.

The estimate made at home does not hold good at the market.

The pearl lies at the bottom of the sea,
while the corpse floats on the surface.

Who flatters you has either cheated you or hopes to do so.

There is no bitterer fruit than foreigners in one's land.

Everything that flies is not good to eat.

One cannot make garments from cobwebs.

When the master is away the mice play on the table.

Better a crooked reconcilement than a straight judgment.

Sin enters laughing and comes out crying.

The wound of a knife is easily healed,
but the wound in the heart never.

A fence with supports is not overthrown by high winds.

Even God who is God cannot please all the world.

God protect you from a woman's
judgment and a fool's thrashing.

The fox is cunning, but more cunning is he who catches it.

A girl in her time is like honey in the comb.

Even God gets out of a drunkard's way.

In the house where there are two girls,
the cats die of thirst.

In a minstrel's house everyone dances.

The wet man fears no rain.

When it dries up, one knows the worth of the fountain.

The dog barks at the moon all night long,
but the moon never hears him.

A dog doesn’t enter if the door is not open.

Dogs do not bark at a dead wolf.

The wind gathers the clouds and
the wind chases them away.

No one throws stones at a tree without fruit.

Catch the thief before he catches you.

Thieves nowadays are not in the forests, but in the offices.

The sun rises whether the cock crows or not.

Three things are not to be lent:
the horse, the gun. and the wife.

Thistle doesn't catch in smooth cloth.

A tent without a wife is like a fiddle without a string.

From the truth to a lie is but a hand's breadth.

Smoke and a scolding woman drive one out of the house.

Thieves increase with the making of new laws.

The voice of the ass is not heard in heaven.

The rich man's wealth swallows the morsel of the poor.

No matter how muddy the water, it will quench the fire.

Work is a golden bracelet.

There is no wedding without laughter
and no death without tears.

Water flows, the rocks remain.

Do noy send your wife alone to a wedding.

Drink the wine, but not drunk by it.

Worse than the thief himself is
the keeper of the thief.

He who burnt himself with soup
blows also in the sour milk.

Work has bitter roots, but sweet fruits.

Oil the wheels if you want the cart to run lightly.

Choose a wife to please yourself, not others.

The worst wheel of a cart is the one that makes most noise.

A relative's slap hurts more than a stranger's.

There is no wine without dregs.

The wolf changes his fur, but never his habits.

A woman without a husband is like a distaff without the spindle.

Wolf doesn't eat wolf.

A young woman, like new wine, bubbles.

Don't sell the fox skin in the wood.

A clear sky fears not the thunder.

The word of slander rings like a bell.

Even the best of women has still a devil's rib in her.

One man's mouth destroys cities.

Put not your nose in the pot which doesn't boil for you.

He who grudges the nail, loses the hoof.

A mountain does not meet another
mountain, but man meets man.

God Before you find God, you are eaten by the saints.

No sky without clouds.

If a dog barks at you, stop his muzzle with bread.

Who talks, sells; who listens, buys.