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Romanian Proverbs (001-100)

By blackening another you do not whiten yourself.

No one takes money for thinking.

It is easier to watch a flock of rabbits than a woman.

The mounted man doesn't believe
the man that goes afoot.

One man laughs at another, and the devil at all.

Wealth is like a pool: as soon as you dig a channel, it all runs out.

Better to be a poor man's son than the slave of a rich.

Man has both life and death.

The wet man fears no rain.

Money is round and rolls easily.

Do not set the mill on fire in order to burn the mice.

Man is like sheep: one readily follows after another.

Man consecrates the land.

The egg of a white hen is the same as that of a black one.

Better a man of straw than a woman of gold.

The man who goes to law often loses an ox to win a cat.

Where there is love, there is also a quarrel.

A man without enemies is like a river without stones.

Sit not idle, for your luck sits with you.

A luckless man is like incense without fire.

What is born of a cat will catch mice.

Even the devil cannot escape a woman.

Money is the devil's eye.

Where there are too many midwives,
the baby is left with the umbilical cord uncut.

Better be an eagle for a day than a rook for a whole year.

Woe to the house where the hen crows and the cock keeps silent.

In vain you show light to the blind.

Love beyond measure afterwards brings hatred.

Short love brings a long sigh.

The lie sinks like a plumb and comes up like a leaf.

Man's life is like an egg in the hands of a child.

The looking-glass is the enemy of ugly women.

A small log will overthrow a big cart.

A well-turned lie pays better than the truth.

The locust lives only a little while, but it does great damage.

A cunning person's kiss is like that of a mosquito.

Small and great, we all boil in the same caldron.

The apple falls under the apple tree.

With money one can even buy rabbit cheese.

Before giving orders learn to submit yourself.

The blessing of having many children
has never broken a man's roof.

A child is a blessing for any man's roof.

A mild lamb sucks at two mothers.

The lawyers eat the kernel and the
parties the shell of the nut.

For a sackful of learning a cartful of wisdom is needed.

The law turns on golden wheels.

Where there is much learning, there is much folly too.

There is no such thing as a good husband or a sweet onion.

Until the baby cries, the mother doesn't give him suck.

When the devil grew old he became a monk.

Illness comes in a coach and goes away through the eye of a needle.

The intoxication of youth surpasses that of wine.

The needle is small, but it sews costly garments.

When nuns dance the devil does not weep.

The husband doesn't know what all the village knows.

Justice is as the rulers make it.

Even in paradise it is not pleasant to be alone.

Cloth and a wife, choose them not at night.

The bear doesn't dance for his own pleasure.

One's home is both paradise and hell.

If you are the anvil, suffer; if you are the hammer, strike.

When misfortune sleeps, beware of awakening it.

An old horse learns not to amble.

A girl's honesty is like snow: when it melts the whiteness is no longer seen.

You need not look after the hoofs of dead horses.

Put not pepper in other people's meals.

A foreigner's pity is like a thorn's shadow.

Kiss the hand you cannot bite.

One has no need of a guide to the village one can see.

If a friend is honey, do not try to eat all of him.

Where there is no head, woe to the feet.

He who mixes up with bran is eaten by pigs.

Good wine and a pretty wife are two sweet poisons to a man.

Crows gather where the carrion lies.

My chicken is good, but my neighbor's looks better.

When the head does not work, the legs suffer.

Under a glove the ugliest hand is hidden.

Even a thread of hair has its shadow.

A foreigner scratches you where you do not itch.

When one pot hits another, both break.

For a lucky man the pot boils without fire.

The cuckoo doesn't sing until he sees the buds of spring.

He who drinks on credit gets doubly drunk.

All complain of their lack of money, none of their want of brains.

See the mother, and then marry the daughter.

The cuckoo sings while the lazy man sits and counts.

The dog barks at the moon all night long, but the moon never hears him.

God is great, but the devil is clever too.

A change of rulers is the joy of fools.

It is not good to be the driver of white horses
or the servant of women.

Borrowed clothes do not keep one warm.

The stairs are swept downwards, not upwards.

If a dog barks at you, stop his muzzle with bread.

Right goes with a broken head.

There is some respite from a barking dog,
but never from wagging tongues.

The word of slander rings like a bell.

Nakedness turns around; hunger goes straight.

Better a sound donkey than a consumptive philosopher.

Better an egg today than an ox tomorrow.

A dog doesn't enter if the door is not open.