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Polish Proverbs (001-100)

A dead man's will is the mirror of his life.

A woman goes mad twice-when she
loves and when she begins to go gray.

Better a sausage in hand than a ham at the butcher's.

The roots of learning are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

The smile on a hungry man's face is a lie.

Silence goes better with shrewdness than with a kind heart.

A reed need not be afraid when the winds uproot the oak.

As the priest, so the blessing.

Proverbs are not vain words.

Before going to war say one prayer,
before going to sea, two,
before getting married, three.

Do not wake poverty when it sleeps.

It is not clever to play but to stop playing.

The poor are cured by work, the rich by the doctor.

Even a pin is worth bending down for.

He that comes to terms with humanity must be a saint.

The woman cries before the wedding and the man after.

It is easier to make a hundred watches agree than ten women.

Do not look for poverty; it will find you.

Where the peasant is poor the whole country is poor.

A good painter need not give a name to his picture, a bad one must.

He who holds a sword will maintain peace.

There is no lasting peace without battle.

He that wishes to eat the nut does not mind cracking the shell.

When misfortune knocks at the door, friends are asleep.

Do not push the river; it will flow by itself.

A thunderbolt strikes a tall house most often.

Even a saint sins seven times a day.

The mistakes of the doctor are covered by earth.

Even the saints are troubled with warts.

Every village has its inn.

To a bad dancer even the hem of her skirt will be in the way.

There is no corn without weeds.

The bell is loud because it is empty.

If it were not for the hands the clock would be useless.

Where the devil cannot succeed he sends an old woman.

A bachelor and a dog may do everything.

Fewer women, the less trouble.

Old truths, old laws, old friends, an old book,
and old wine are best.

One day the sickle will cut down the nettle.

Every bubble bursts.

The world is wide, yet there is little room in it.

If everyone swept in front of his house,
the whole town would be clean.

Three women, three geese, and three frogs make a market.

Who yaps like a dog will be beaten like a dog.

A golden key fits every door.

With a bottle and a girl one does not count the hours.

The rich man has only two holes to his nose,
the same as the poor man.

Without measure medicine will become poison.

Man cannot be measured by an ell.

Only the shoe knows of the hole in the stocking.

A young wife is to an old man the horse on which he rides to hell.

The rich man has only two holes to his nose, the same as the poor man.

Man shoots, but God guides the bullet.

A man carries the powder and God the bullets.

As the dance so the music.

Even if a cook were to cook a fly, he would still keep a wing for himself.

Without bread and salt love cannot exist.

The lean lice bite most.

Life is like the moon; now dark, now full.

Love enters man through his eyes; woman through her ears.

A liar can go round the world but cannot come back.

The more one sleeps the less one lives.

A good listener makes a good teacher.

The lemon after being squeezed, is thrown away.

The inn cannot pollute the virtuous,
nor the church improve the wicked.

Ink, if not used, will dry up.

The house of one who does not help to put out
his neighbor's fire will soon be in danger.

Hope is the mother of fools.

He who buys a horse takes the bridle with it.

He whose coach is drawn by hope has poverty for a coachman.

Gratitude has gone to heaven and has taken the ladder.

No grass grows on the battlefield.

Without cake there is no wedding.

The thief only takes something, but flames take everything.

God will help a ploughing man.

If God wills, even a cock will lay an egg.

Trust in God and put your shoulder to the wheel.

Any goat can jump over a low fence.

God did not join brains with beauty.

What you give to a good friend is not lost.

Fear God, and next to God, him that has no fear of God.

It is easier to watch over one
hundred fleas than one young girl.

God can shave without soap.

He who lends to a friend makes an enemy.

Where you have lost a thing, there you look for it.

A wife, a razor, and a horse are things not to be lent.

Through bravery you win and through bravery you lose.

Beauty is the seasoning of virtue.

Cock, the village clock.

A child is caressed by its mother,
but an orphan is caressed by God.

Where the body wants to rest, there the legs must carry it.

Both the cross and the gallows are made of wood.

The worst devil is the one who prays.

The devil often sits at the foot of the cross.

Beauty will not season your soup.

Every beast knows it time.

If you wish to enjoy leisure, join the army.

Bargaining teaches us how to buy.

Where there is butter there are flies.

When death is on the tongue,
repentance is not difficult.