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Polish Proverbs (100-139)

The best beer is where the coachmen
and the priests go for their drink.

The devil cannot go as far as a woman can.

A beggar does not hate another beggar
as much as one doctor hates another.

Nowadays you must go to heaven to meet an angel.

You add salt to bread, not bread to salt.

He who is without work in summer,
is without boots in winter.

The devil is no match for a woman.

He who buys a cage will want a bird.

Every calf will find its slaughterer.

Bread cries when eaten unearned.

Good deeds are written on sand;
bad deeds are graven upon rock.

He that blames himself praises himself.

An old boot and an old friend are the most dear.

Even a sour apple is gnawed by maggots.

The bald need no comb.

Bacon is not for dogs.

The doctor cures when he can smell money.

The doctor demands his fees whether
he has killed the illness or the patient.

Before a doctor can cure one he will kill ten.

When money talks everyone is silent.

One who attains distinction is immediately changed.

Better no doctor at all than three.

The doorstep of the palace is very slippery.

Every error has its excuse.

To accept a favor is to lose your liberty.

No fish without bones; no woman without a temper.

Everyone is free to make a fool of himself.

A fool is always in the rain.

Where there is fire a wind will soon be blowing.

He who has been shut out at the main
gate must knock at the side entrance.

Forgive others easily, but yourself never.

Friendship is like wine, the older the better.

When you have bread, do not look for cake.

The bald head needs no comb.

Who yaps like a dog will be beaten like a dog.

If it were not for the hands, the clock would be useless.

He who lies under the table gets kicked.

One swine recognizes another.

Good painters need not give a name to
their pictures, but bad ones must.