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Norwegian Proverbs (77)

The afterthought is good, but forethought is better.

One must chew according to one's teeth.

He who buys meat has to take the bone with it.

He cannot climb up who cannot climb down.

A cow never goes so far that her tail does not follow.

When knowledge is least the will is strongest.

There must be a fence between good neighbors.

Necessity makes sour sweet.

A child learns quicker to talk than to be silent.

He who follows the river comes at last to the sea.

None sigh deeper than those who have no troubles.

He who knows little forgets little.

He who comes last sees least.

Poor man's luggage is always light.

Luck and ill luck are neighbors.

One must not trim the light so closely that it goes out.

He is worth much who has learned much.

First think of bread and then of the bride.

He who has waded knows the water.

Let those who know the way go before.

Too much wisdom is akin to foolishness.

They are not all thieves at whom the dog barks.

One plays with the cat until one feels the claws.

The word that lies nearest the heart comes first in the mouth.

One does not look at the moon when the sun is up.

He who owns the boat should give it a name.

He knows the way best who went there last.

It is the law that judges, not the judge.

There is often virtue where no one would think it.

The word that has departed grows on the way.

One should spare the tree that gives one shade.

Time and opportunity one never has in one's hand.

The pardon may be severer than the penalty.

Better is dry cake than having nothing to eat.

There is often a withered branch on a green tree.

The word that has departed grows on the way.

Hard wedges are needed for hard tree stumps.

Necessity teaches new arts.

Not all keys hang from one girdle.

He who would have a bone from a dog
must give the meat instead.

Poverty and love are hard to conceal.

Rest in reason is not time lost.

When a big stone rolls it carries many with it.

When the spirits are good, the step is light.

It isn't easy to sit on a borrowed stool.

Everyone finds his superior once in a lifetime.

A fool needs good luck.

One sits best on one's own bench.

It is better to feed one cat than many mice.

A fair bride needs little finery.

You can't climb a mountain by a level road.

The higher the house, the worse the storm.

Many blows fell great trees.

That which is loved is always beautiful.

A wooer should open his ears more than his eyes.

Luck is like women who like fools best.

The dog is boldest at home.

He who has a dog need not bark himself.

A fish bites best on a silver hook.

Flattery listens well, but remembers little.

He who recognizes his folly is on the road to wisdom.

He who lies on the floor doesn't fall down.

When the horns are off, it is too late to butt.

A house needs a wife and a cat.

A goat is not easy to fence in.

The best gifts are those which expect no return.

There is many a good head under an old hat.

Old habits have deep roots.

A little hand can often give great help.

He is wise who learns at another's expense.

It costs money to be obliged to receive guests constantly.

A sip at a time empties cask.

A cow will not hear that the hay is dwindling away.

Heroism consists in hanging on one minute longer.

The dog is boldest at home.

He who has a dog need not bark himself.

Those who own the boat should give it a name.