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Japanese Proverbs (401-500)

There is no sword that can oppose kindness.

Wine is the source of all medicines.

Better be the cock's bill than an ox's tail.

Boasting begins where wisdom stops.

Wise birds live in carefully chosen trees.

A caged bird longs for the clouds.

If there's a beginning there's an end.

The beginning is most important.

A crooked branch has a crooked shadow.

An accomplishment sticks to a person.

The tightly strung bow will relax in time.

Clams cannot be taken in a field.

Don't give an order after listening only to one side.

Money commands people and all things in the world.

Wine is a jewel-broom to sweep away sorrow.

Work depends on tools.

Money matters make strangers.

If the bird had not sung, it wouldn't have been shot.

The belly eight-tenths full needs no physician.

Sweet words please fools.

Numerous words show scanty wares.

Suitable ability in the suitable place.

In old age one again becomes a child.

The ocean is not choosy about a small stream.

There is no person without a fault.

Affinity is a mysterious thing, but it is spicy!

Where there is no antagonist you cannot quarrel.

The cherry tree is known among others by its flowers.

Wisdom and virtue are like the two wheels of a cart.

Even the wishes of an ant reach heaven.

The mouth is the gate of misfortune and evil.

A concentrated mind will pierce a rock.

When you have money, think of the time when you had none.

Though small, a needle is not to be swallowed.

Look at the mother rather than her daughter.

Bring up your beloved child with a stick.

Even downtrodden weeds will bear flowers.

We do not stumble over mountains, we stumble over anthills.

If the mouth is fastened shut, no quarrel arises.

Monkeys laugh at the buttocks of other monkeys.

In buying cheap articles money is lost.

Even between parents and children
money matters make strangers.

Wine reveals a person's true heart.

Not to speak is the flower of wisdom.

Don't sell a mirror to blind a person.

Money is an enemy.

Metal is tested by fire, man by wine.

Willows are never broken by snow.

Merchants regard each other as foes.

Don't hesitate to acknowledge a mistake and correct it.

In a village do as the village does.

Money grows on the tree of patience.

Life is more fragile than the morning dew.

Old men for consultation, young men for quarrels.

When the oil is exhausted, the flame goes out.

Though you drink wine, do not be drunk by wine.

You don't get drunk on wine which you do not drink.

Man is a pine tree, woman a wisteria vine.

Even without parents a child will grow up.

Poor men's treasures are their children.

Better than a thousand days of diligent study
is one day with a great teacher.

The train waits for no one.

Years and months are like a flowing stream.

Even a cup of tea will stay hunger for a time.

Old wounds easily become painful.

Travel is a gloomy and trying experience.

Youth easily grows old yet becomes learned with difficulty.

The tongue is mightier than the sword.

A woman's wisdom is monkey wisdom.

An intense zeal prevails upon heaven.

If you give a child your back it will ask to be carried in your arms.

What is cheap may also be bad.

A woman's wisdom is at the end of her nose.

Trash accumulates in stagnant water.

Silent worms dig holes in the walls.

A crooked top on a crooked kettle.

The world is the world for the world.

Youth and wine are like a whip to a galloping horse.

Women are devilish things.

Women are fragile things.

Among beautiful women there are many fools.

Numerous words show scanty wares.

Character does not change.

Too much concentration of thought does not produce a plan.

Women should associate with women.

Wives and pots and kettles are better when old.

Wives and shoes are better when old.

A mirror and chastity are two things a woman must have.

Wine is the best of all medicines and the worst of all poisons.

Though a beautiful woman does not any anything, she cannot be hidden.

Though you speak of a beautiful woman, it is only one layer of skin.

Sweet words please fools.

Fortune favors the person who has been jilted.

Talented persons are short lived.

One cannot see the evil deeds of one's own children.

A fruit-bearing tree is known by its flowers.

Talented persons are short lived.

Wholeheartedness will pierce a rock.

Though the wind blows, the mountain does not move.

A loyal subject does not serve two lords.


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