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Italian Proverbs (101-200)

A misfortune and a friar seldom go alone.

Willows are weak, yet serve to bind bigger wood.

Who does not wish to be like the wolf,
let him not wear its skin.

Who has no money must have no wishes.

He who goes to the mill gets befloured.

A near neighber is better than a distant cousin.

Money and friendship break the arms of justice.

The mouse does not leave the cat's house with a bellyful.

The myrtle is always a myrtle, though it be among nettles.

If the wife sins the husband is not innocent.

The moth does most mischief to the finest garment.

Better a near neighbor than a distant cousin.

Who moves picks up, who stands still dries up.

Necessity becomes will.

When wine enters modesty departs.

The wolf bemoans the sheep, and then eats it.

Not every word requires an answer.

Words won't feed cats.

Among men of honor a word is a bond.

A hungry ass eats any straw.

Good wine makes good blood.

Priests, friars, nuns, and chickens never have enough.

An ambassador bears no blame.

At table bashfulness is out of place.

It is easy to give advice when all goes well.

A good anvil does not fear the hammer.

He who begins ill finishes worse.

Absence is a foe to love; out of sight out of mind

On very small pretext the wolf seizes the sheep.

Thick wine is better than clear water.

Anger increases love.

Everyone thinks he has more than his share of brains.

He who serves the public has a sorry master.

Who serves the public, serves no one.

All brains are not in one head.

The braying of an ass does not reach heaven.

Don't bite til you know whether it is bread or a stone.

Half a brain is enough for him who says little.

Unbending the bow does not heal the wound.

A beard well lathered is half shaved.

Believe a boaster as you would a liar.

Better have on bee than a host of flies.

The wolf is always left out of the reckoning.

Wolves don't eat wolves.

An old quarrel is easily renewed.

Pride went out on horseback and returned on foot.

A golden bit makes none the better horse.

There is no getting blood from a turnip.

The full belly does not believe in hunger.

The bell does not go to mass, and yet calls every one to it.

The best always goes first.

Old birds are not caught with new nets.

A sheep's bite is never more than skin deep.

A lover's anger is short-lived.

A bird in the cage is worth a hundred at large.

Every bird thinks its own nest beautiful.

Every promise is a debt.

The wolf is always said to be bigger than he is.

He who likes drinking is always talking of wine.

Smooth words do not flay the tongue.

The she-bear thinks her cubs pretty.

The beard does not make the philosopher.

One bell serves a parish.

Better be a bird of the wood than a bird in the cage.

She who is born a beauty is born betrothed.

Asking costs little.

One basket of grapes does not make a vintage.

If pride were an art, how many doctors we should have.

To censure princes is perilous,
and to praise them is lying.

There's no making the ass drink when he is not thirsty.

The anvil lasts longer than the hammer.

The wolf is not always a wolf.

With wishing comes grieving.

Better to ask than go astray.

No one ever became poor through giving alms.

Associate with the good and you will be one of them.

Rather an ass that carries than a horse that throws.

Good bargains empty the purse.

One good word quenches more heat than a bucket of water.

Who gives, teaches a return.

He who cannot revenge himself is weak,
he who will not is contemptible.

A cat pent up becomes a lion.

It is easy to threaten a bull from a window.

A voluntary burden is no burden.

It is not necessary to fish up every bucket that falls into the well.

Handsome woman generally fall into the lot of ugly men.

If you would have your work ill done, pay beforehand.

One voice, no voice.

When the cat is away the rats dance.

The cask can give no other wine than that it contains.

To make the cart go you must grease the wheels.

It is not easy to show the way to a blind man.

obtains wishes He who can wait obtains what he wishes.

Every one to his own calling, and the ox to the plough.

All is not butter that comes from the cow.

The full cask makes no noise.

By night all cats are black.

It is good to buy when another wants to sell.

He who buys the broom can also buy the handle.

Not every word requires an answer.