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Italian Proverbs (001-100)

He who begins many things finishes few.

He is very blind who cannot see the sun.

In the war of love who flees conquers.

To him who watches, everything reveals itself.

He who succeeds is reputed wise.

A good thing lost is valued.

The thief is frightened even by a mouse.

The sun passes over filth and is not defiled.

Little thieves are hanged by the neck,
great ones by the purse.

Old thanks are not for new gifts.

The hardest step is that over the threshold.

Thirst comes from drinking.

The flatterer's throat is an open sepulchre.

Starlings are lean because they go in flocks.

Strength avails not a coward.

Stones or bread, one must have
something in hand for the dogs.

Water afar does not quench a fire at hand.

He who would have clear water
should go to the fountainhead.

Rome Step by step one goes to Rome.

One's own spurs and another's horse,
make the miles short.

On a long journey even a straw is heavy.

Between the hand and the mouth the soup is spilled.

They who shun the smoke often fall into the fire.

He that would have a thing done quickly and well,
must do it himself.

Threats are arms for the threatened.

From snow whether cooked or pounded
you will get nothing but water.

Who has something is something.

There never was a shoe however handsome
that did not become an ugly slipper.

Where the lion's skin falls short,
piece it out with that of the fox.

Everyone can navigate in fine weather.

Still water breeds vermin.

The same shoe does not fit every foot.

A sin confessed is half forgiven.

Everyone thinks himself without sin
because he has not those of others.

Things are not as they are, but as they are regarded.

The point of the thorn is small, but
who has felt it does not forget it.

You cannot damage a wrecked ship.

A sin concealed is half forgiven.

He who makes himself a servant is
expected to remain a servant.

Hear the other side, and believe little.

It is a silly sheep that confesses to the wolf.

The good shepherd shears, not flays.

He that would be ill served, should keep plenty of servants.

Dirty water does not wash clean.

Much water passes by the mill that the miller perceives not.

All the sheep are not for
he wolf.

When a tree is falling, everyone cries, "Down with it."

The good time comes but once.

Where the ship goes the brig can go.

It is all one whether you die of sickness or of love.

Between saying and doing many
a pair of shoes is worn out.

He who has scalded himself once blows the next time.

He who has been stung by a serpent is afraid of a lizard.

Don't believe in the saint unless he works miracles.

Like saint, like offering.

Even the sea, great as it is, grows calm.

He who says nothing never lies.

The fear of war is worse than war itself.

He who sings drives away sorrow.

Many return from the war who
cannot give an account of the battle.

The beggar's wallet has no bottom.

The good seaman is known in bad weather.

All saints do not work miracles.

To whom you tell your secret you surrender your freedom.

He that seeks, finds, and
sometimes what he would rather not.

The saint has no believers unless he works miracles.

Saying is one thing, doing another.

The roses fall, and the thorns remain.

He that has but one pig easily fattens it.

After one Pope another is made.

One living Pope is better than ten dead.

Every wind does not shake down the nut.

There's no turning a windmill with a pair of bellows.

The lazy pig does not eat ripe pears.

The Pope and a peasant know more than the Pope alone.

No pear falls into a shut mouth.

Hear, see, and say nothing if you would live in peace.

The best pears fall into the pigs' mouths.

Paper does not blush.

There is no making pancakes without breaking the eggs.

Who has patience sees his revenge.

A proud pauper and a rich miser
are contemptible beings.

A mad parish, a mad priest.

He who eats pears with his master
should not choose the best.

Never refuse a good offer.

Poverty has no kin.

A cracked pot never fell off the hook.

Drink wine and let water go to the mill.

Better to fall from the window than the roof.

A man's own opinion is never wrong.

Poor men do penance for rich men's sins.

A mill and a wife are always in want of something.

Blessed is the misfortune that comes alone.

Who has no money in his purse
must have honey in his mouth.

Money is money's brother.

He that shows his money shows his judgment.

Nothing is difficult to a willing mind.

He is in no place who is everywhere.

Where the Pope is there is Rome.

Love's merchandise is jealousy and broken faith.