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Italian Proverbs (201-300)

Two women and a goose make a market.

Words won't feed cats.

A ragged coat finds little credit.

Where remedies are needed, sighing avails not.

Of what does not concern you say nothing good or bad.

A cloak is not made for a single shower of rain.

Plenty of words when the cause is lost.

The white coat does not make the miller.

It is good to hold the clothes of one who is swimming.

He who climbs too high is near a fall.

Who comes seldom is welcome.

Little children and headaches, great children and heartaches.

There is a cause for all things.

Words are female, deeds are male.

He who risks nothing can gain nothing.

Who is in the right fears, who is in the wrong hopes.

Women always speak the truth, but not the whole truth.

Who has no children does not
know what love is.

Who makes the wolf his companion
should carry a dog under his cloak.

A great church and little devotion.

The cock is bold on his own dunghill.

Who changes his condition changes fortune.

Under white ashes there is glowing coal.

Out of a white egg often comes a black chick.

Conscience is as good as a thousand witnesses.

He is not free who drags his chain after him.

Don't put too tight a ring on your finger.

Who troubles others has no rest himself.

Two cocks in one yard do not agree.

No wonder lasts more than three days.

When woman reigns the devil governs.

Every one thinks his own cross the heaviest.

Counsel is nothing against love.

Who has no courage must have legs.

Where there are too many cooks the soup will be too salty.

Between two cowards, he has the advantage
who first detects the other.

One daughter helps to marry the other.

He is a sorry barber who has but one comb.

He who has a glass roof should not throw stones at his neighbors.

Various are the roads to fame.

He that is afraid of the devil does not grow rich.

Until death there is no knowing what may happen.

He who demands does not command.

One good word quenches more heat than a bucket of water.

He who is without debt is without credit.

Who pays a debt creates capital.

Every day has its night.

One devil does not make hell.

To him who is determined it remains only to act.

Without debt without care.

He who knows the road can ride full trot.

One devil knows another.

He who wants a good deal must not ask for a little.

The devil is not so ugly as he is painted.

He that has swallowed the devil may swallow his horns.

Among men of honor a word is a bond.

Fair words won't feed a cat.

The gardener's dog does not eat
lettuce and will not let others eat it.

Don't give the dog bread every time he wags his tail.

Do good, and care not to whom.

The eagle does not war against frogs.

Where the river is deepest it makes least noise.

He who builds by the roadside has many surveyors.

A kitchen dog never was good for the chase.

An old dog does not grow used to the collar.

Cut off the dog's tail, he remains a dog.

He who makes himself a dove is eaten by the hawk.

An ounce of discretion is
better than a pound of knowledge.

He that is drowning shouts though he be not heard.

Women, asses, and nuts require strong hands.

Smooth words do not flay the tongue.

The earth covers the errors of the physician.

A mischievous dog must be tied short.

The world is for him who has patience.

Don't cross the water unless you see the bottom.

The dog that has been beaten with a stick
is afraid of its shadow.

A drop of water breaks a stone.

Where there are no dogs the fox is a king.

A scalded dog thinks cold water hot.

Dogs bark at those they don't know.

Eating teaches drinking

Who takes an eel by the tail and a woman at
her word may say he holds nothing.

Whoever brings finds the door open for him.

Women rouge that they may not blush.

Better give the wool than the sheep.

The river does not swell with clear water.

Nothing can come out of a sack but what is in it.

It is easy robbing when the dog is quieted.

It is better to irritate a dog than an old woman.

The dogs that means to bite doesn't bark.

A dog is never offended at being pelted with bones.

The dog that bites does not bark in vain.

Who does all he may never does well.

There is no dog, be he ever so wicked, but wags his tail.

Feather by feather the goose is plucked.

Enough is enough, and too much spoils.

It is the petty expenses that empty the purse.

Everyone praises his own saint.

Women are wise impromptu, fools on reflection.

The workman is known by his work.