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Hebrew Proverbs (201-263)

A dream which has not been interpreted
is like a letter unread.

New troubles make us forget the old.

While the thorn is still young it produces prickles.

First learn, then form opinions.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

A pretty face is half a dowry.

Flight is the beginning of collapse.

The more you add, the worse it gets.

You cannot draw water with a sieve.

Any time of the day is good for confession.

Shame induces us to fear sin.

The truth stands up, a lie does not.

A snake deserves no pity.

In the cemetery, there is no division.

Violence in a house is like a worm on vegetables.

All dishes need salt, but not all need spices.

One should not leap through a book
from its end to its beginning.

With two dogs they killed the lion.

He whose stomach is full increases deeds of evil.

The best game of dice is the one not played at all.

In the time of rejoicing, rejoicing;
in the time of mourning, mourning.

When the kettle boils over, it overflows its own sides.

Cheap borsht is a blessing to the toothless.

So many hymns, and so few noodles.

A pot belonging to partners is neither hot nor cold.

If we cannot do what we want, we must want what we can.

There is no wheat without chaff.

An old man in the home is a curse, an old woman a blessing.

Old and true love never rusts.

Whoever falls and gets up gains a step.

Grief destroys even a hero.

The first day indeed a guest; the second,
a nuisance; the third, a pest.

A house where one lives against one's will is no house.

Half a fool is worse than a whole one.

The dog in his hunger swallows dung.

You cannot set a watch upon chastity.

Breasts adorn a woman and uglify a man.

The heart of a man may be compared to a sausage;
no one can tell exactly what's inside.

A meal without salt is no meal.

Lust leads to love.

When people meet, they speak.

As the camel, so the load.

Silence is good for the wise,
how much more so for the foolish.

A glutton for cake often loses the bread.

If the wife wears the breeches,
the husband must rock the cradle.

The robber is expert in robbery.

A woman comes out not only to see but also to be seen.

A book without an index is
like a house that is bolted and barred.

Money makes even a bastard legal.

When a divorced man marries a divorced woman,
there are four opinions in the marriage bed.

Every man carries his worth in his basket.

The sorcerer mutters but knows not what he mutters.

A door once shut will not easily open again.

If I dealt in candles, the sun wouldn't set;
if I dealt in shrouds, people would stop dying.

Truth stands, falsehood does not stand.

Better the bite of a friend, than the kiss of an enemy.

Profit and loss are companions.

You can’t swap jokes with the Angel of Death.

Guests, like fish, begin to smell on the third day.

The clothes hide the blemish.

A young pumpkin now is better than
a full grown one later on.

Hurry and eat, hurry and drink, for this world is like
a wedding feast from which we soon depart.

Do not hurry like the almond, first to bloom and last to ripen;
be like the mulberry, last to blossom and first to ripen.