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Hebrew Proverbs (101-200)

When scholars vie, wisdom mounts.

If you are born an ass, you will die one.

Who steals from a thief goes unpunished.

From your lips to God’s ear.

The fly does not kill, but it does spoil.

A fool is incurable.

If you want to be a barber, practice on someone else’s beard.

To be a critic is easier than to be a
n author.

As the garden, so the gardener.

Nobody throws away his money for no reason.

Who cuts down good trees sees no profit.

Gold buys silver, but silver does not purchase gold.

The husband is master of the home if the wife is out-of-doors.

A gate once widened stays wide.

It is better to eat vegetables and fear no creditors,
than to eat duck and hide from them.

When the shepherd is angry with his flock,
he appoints a blind sheep as leader.

Childhood is a crown of roses, old age a crown of thorns.

Some prefer vinegar and some prefer wine.

A golden key opens all gates.

If you lie with dogs, you get up with fleas.

There can be no joy without food and drink.

Anxiety breaks a man's backbone.

No judge should sentence a person
he likes or one he dislikes.

While you're fire is burning,
go cut up your pumpkin and cook.

Boldness is royal power without a crown.

Once a horse is born, someone will be found to ride it.

While the sandal is on your foot, tread down the thorns.

A bargain has charm for the customer.

Lust only longs for things forbidden.

Wisdom is more precious than pearls.

I felt sorry I had no shoes until
I saw a man who had no feet.

The common soldiers do the fighting,
and the officers claim the victory.

A scholar who abandons study is like
a bird that strays from the nest.

In the hour of distress, a vow;
in the hour of release, forgetfulness.

We are too soon old, and too late wise.

Cast no mud into the well from which you have drunk.

Peace is to man, what yeast is to dough.

With a little cash in hand you have the upper hand.

He who is in pain should go to the doctor.

The elephant is frightened of the gnat.

A false witness is worthy of being cast to the dogs.

My pen is my harp and my lyre; my library
is my garden and my orchard.

When the hands are many, they can
break down the stoutest of walls.

Every pumpkin is known by its stem.

The Lord created two desires, one for good and one for evil.

A proud man is unacceptable even to his own household.

If not for the light, there would be no shadow.

Two voices cannot enter one ear.

Better a sardine on the dish than a flounder in the sea.

Once a man repents, stop reminding him of what he did.

Wine tops the list of all medicines.

Do not bargain when you are out of cash.

Serve wine to the man used to drinking it,
and greens to the gardener.

Who tells the truth loses his friends.

A man first builds a house and
afterwards brings in the furniture.

No man dares to be rude to his creditor.

Youth is a crown of roses; old age a crown of willows.

If a thief finds nothing to steal, he thinks himself honest.

There is no book that has not something bad in it,
none that has not something good.

A bad woman is as hard as a harsh winter's day.

Many old camels carry the hides of young ones.

When an old lady wants to feel happy, she recalls her dowry.

Every river has its own course.

Silence profits the wise and even more the fool.

A bribe blinds the clever, and how much more so the fool!

if you have the money, your opinion is accepted.

There is one thing one cannot buy, one's parents.

Always marry for love, but it’s as easy to fall in love
with a rich person as a poor one.

Of two evils choose the lesser, of two women, the third.

Who follows his wife's counsel tumbles into hell.

Gossip is silenced with gold.

The cloak is precious to its wearer.

A wife is one's heart's delight.

Knowledge acquired in childhood is not soon forgotten.

When the ox falls, its slayers are many.

Confidence is half the victory.

Room can always be found for a delicacy.

You cannot chew with someone else’s teeth.

Don’t enter the forest if you fear the leaves.

Stains are not seen at night.

Wine in, secret out.

All men are equal when they are underground.

One servant cannot serve two masters.

Tell your secret only to one in a thousand.

A graceful wife lends grace to her husband.

If a farmer becomes a king, he will
still carry a basket on his back.

To get a gift means to return one.

A donkey that travels abroad will not return a horse.

No witness can become the judge.

Who has no brain needs brawn.

Go out and see how the people act.

The pace of a donkey matches the oats it eats.

A pleasant home, a pleasant wife and
pleasant furnishings enlarge a man's mind.

If you stay at home you won't wear out your shoes.

Too many midwives kill the baby.

Become not intoxicated and you will not sin.

Poverty follows the poor.

Words show the wit of a man, but actions shows his meaning.

He who pays his debt adds to his capital.

The mouth that forbids is the mouth that allows.