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Yiddish Proverbs (001-100)

All dumb people have a lot to say.

He falsifies who renders a verse just as it looks.

Lose an hour in the morning, chase it all day.

The schlemiel lands on his back and bruises his nose.

A jest is half a truth.

Death does not knock on the door.

If you want your dreams to come true, don't over sleep.

One rotten apple spoils the other.

Walk straight and you will not fall.

A blow passes on, a spoken word lingers on.

Even a ball of wool has a beginning.

Send a fool to close the shutters
and he'll close them all over town.

Stupid solutions that succeed are still stupid solutions.

When luck joins in the game, cleverness scores double.

An animal's end is slaughter.

He that can't endure the bad, will not live to see the good.

Laugh and everyone sees it, cry and no one sees it.

The girl who can't dance says the band can't play.

You can make the dream bigger than the night.

Better a Jew without a beard than a beard without a Jew.

Hope may give a man strength, but not sense.

Men will give away their last shirt to become millionaires.

The whole world is a dream, and death the interpreter.

A rich mouthful, a heavy groan.

Do not praise the rich man who has no money
to offer the poor, for he is poorer.

If praying had helped, he could
have hired someone to do it.

One good deed has many claimants.

Trouble is to man what rust is to iron.

A joke driven too far brings home hate.

A good cry lightens the heart.

Every answer can result in a new question.

If you're out to beat a dog, you're sure to find a stick.

Quiet streams erode the shore.

When the light is crooked, the shadow is crooked.

A fool who can keep silent is counted among the wise.

God is an honest payer, but a very slow one.

In the mirror everybody sees his best friend.

Ten enemies cannot do a man
the harm that he does to himself

When the ox just stumbles, they all sharpen their knives.

As we live, so we learn.

Health comes before making a livelihood.

Make no more haste than good speed.

The first time it's smart; the second time it's cute;
the third time you get a sock in the teeth.

A child's tear rends the heavens.

Come for your inheritance and you
may have to pay for the funeral.

If one link has broken so has the whole chain.

Once poor, never rich.

To fall off a good horse is at least worthwhile.

As the fat man gets thinner, the thin one is already dead.

Heaven and hell can both be found on earth.

Man plans, God laughs.

The gatekeepers are worse than the directors.

A man is not honest simply because he never had a chance to steal.

Don't be scared when you have no other choice.

If you find your friend on the sofa at home
with your wife, you had better sell the sofa.

Praise the young and they will blossom.
Curse the young and they will wither.

What value is a needle without an eye?

A dead man is mourned seven days; a fool, his whole lifetime.

Everything ends in weeping.

If you tell the truth, you don't have to swear.

The truth doesn't die but it lives like a poor man.

With money in his pocket, a fool thinks he
is handsome, and wise, and sings beautifully.

Ask and you won't get lost.

He that cannot obey cannot command.

Love is blind; jealousy sees too much.

The ugliest life is better than the nicest death.

A friend you get for nothing; an enemy must be earned.

Charge nothing and you'll get a lot of customers.

If you lie on the ground, you can't fall.

No man suffers from another's sins—
he has enough of his own.

There's plenty of time to bemoan bad fortune once it arrives.

A dog without teeth will also attack a bone.

Don't live in a town where there are no doctors.

If the head doesn't work it's bad news for the legs.

Parents can give love but not common sense.

What will be, will be.

A wise man knows what he says,
a fool says what he knows.

Flattery will get you nowhere.

If you don't want to do something,
one excuse is as good as another.

Sleep faster, we need the pillows.

When a worm sits in horseradish,
it thinks there is nothing sweeter.

After nine months the secret comes out.

Good news always comes from far away.

It's good to hope, it's the waiting that spoils it.

The pen wounds deeper than an arrow.

Worries wash away better with soup.

Being too nice can cost a lot.

Better the best of the worst
than the worst of the best.

I can't sing, but I'm an expert on it.

Money is round, so it rolls away.

The heart is small and embraces
the whole wide world.

A quiet fool is half a sage.

Don't throw a stone into a well from which you have drunk.

If benevolence caused no heartache,
the world would be full of philanthropists.

One good forewit is worth two afterwits.

Two burdens: to Moses; water, to God; the world.

Better a thief for a neighbor than an overzealous rabbi.

If there is bitterness in the heart, sugar
in the mouth won't make life sweeter.

Necessity can break iron.

To every answer you can find a new question.