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Hebrew Proverbs (001-100)

Even bastards can be cleansed with money.

The lion dreads the gnat.

All that God does is done for the best.

No man tells lies at death's door.

Buttered bread always falls dry side up.

The heart and the eye are the two agents of sin.

A thing learned in childhood is proven in old age.

There is no such thing as boneless meat.

All flatter a king.

Not everyone who sits in the seat of honor is master.

Who drains his glass in a single gulp is deemed greedy.

Good deeds are done by good people.

The thief on the point of breaking
into a house calls on God for help.

A woman is not a lemon whose
quality you can judge at once.

It is best not to live in a city run by scholars.

When you open a door, do not forget to close it,
and treat your mouth the same way.

Confession by the defendant is as good as a hundred witnesses.

Sometimes it is not the office that makes the man
but the man that makes the office.

A pregnant woman wants toasted snow.

Honor will come at the end.

The absent are always to blame.

If my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a bus.

The talk of the child in the street
is that of his father or his mother.

Fortune is a wheel that turns with great speed.

Time works wonders.

As you are at seven, so you are at seventy.

One drop of love can create a sea of tears.

Who serves two kings deceives one of them.

Even a weaver is a master in his own home.

The egg of today is better than the hen of tomorrow.

A dog away from its accustomed
place barks not for seven years.

If you quarrel with the rabbi, make peace with the bartender.

Together with the shrub the cabbage is beaten.

Bad servants do the thing first and then seek counsel.

People will not lie about anything that can be found out.

Words that come from the heart enter the heart.

He who has a lawsuit should go to a judge.

The cantor does not sing without a fee.

A scrap will not satisfy the lion.

Never waste good agony.

Where the head goes, there goes the trunk.

Falsehood is common, truth uncommon.

The door which is not opened for charitable
purposes will be opened to the physician.

A word aptly spoken is like an apple of gold
in a setting of carved silver.

If velvet and silk hang in your closet, you can step out in rags.

Those who live near a waterfall, do not hear its roar.

All delay is to the good.

If the lawsuit has been adjourned
overnight, the case is at an end.

Thread by thread the largest robe is woven.

Hard work never killed anyone.

Uphill we always climb with caution, downhill we dash, carefree.

Bright eyes gladden the heart;
good news fattens the bones.

Show a dog a finger and he wants the whole hand.

With a good son-in-law you find a son,
with a bad one you lose your daughter, too.

Give someone nuts and he will throw the shells at you.

The believer asks no questions,
while no answer can satisfy the unbeliever.

A person's desires grow day by day.

In time, even a bear can learn to dance.

Whatever you have to your discredit,
be the first to tell it.

Caution brings speed in the end.

Sins hide not in your sleep but in your dreams.

A priest helps a priest.

If you sleep on a quarrel it becomes less serious.

There are three things you cannot hide;
coughing, poverty and love.

An old man in the house is a snare;
an old woman in the house is a treasure.

Old friends, like old wines, don’t lose their flavor.

Who has the cash in his hand has the upper hand.

Gray hair is a glorious crown won by a righteous life.

The wheel always comes full circle.

A book gives knowledge, but it is
life that gives understanding.

If a clever man is angry, his wisdom quits him.

Two together are luckier than one.

Any man surrounded by dwarfs,
looks like a giant.

Love is called the daughter of the skies
because it grows wings quickly.

Ugliness is the only guardian angel a woman has.

If you go up to the roof, take your provisions with you.

When schnapps goes in, judgment goes out.

Even and angel cannot do two things at the same time.

The king of birds is the eagle.

He whom a serpent has bitten is terrified at a rope.

Idleness leads to boredom.

There is no such thing as tasty medicine.

All cantors are fools, but not all fools are cantors.

Money buys everything but good sense.

When the sin is sweet, repentance is not so bitter.

Every penny counts.

The camel went to seek horns, and the ears
which it possessed were cut off.

A book without a preface is like a body without a soul.

If the eyes of a bride are beautiful,
no need to examine the rest.

Too much good food is worse than too little bad food.

Better to err than wittingly to sin.

Pride is unbecoming in women.

You cannot be a broom and remain clean.

He who rents one garden will eat birds;
who rents gardens, the birds will eat him.

The intelligent man is the one that knows
how to put two and two together.

Admission by the defendant is worth a hundred witnesses.

Let the owner of the garden remove his own thistles.

When a dog is hungry it eats even dung.

Better one bird tied up than a hundred flying.

No bride is ugly on her wedding day.