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Greek Proverbs (301-325)

The sling will burst somewhere.

Golden coins make our crooked windows look straight.

Better lose the wool than the lamb.

Heed not all words of the doctor nor yet of the confessor.

The wound that a friend gives you hurts.

He who plies many trades remains without a house.

The timid man loses many good things.

The tongue has no bones in it, but it breaks bones.

We measure others with our own yardstick.

The world is a wheel.

Any wood will do to make a signpost.

Great talent takes time to ripen.

The talk of many can shake the strongest mind.

A lazy tailor finds his thread too long.

Too much talk is poverty.

Better to keep silent than to talk too much.

The dog does not eat hay, but
he doesn’t let the donkey eat it either.

A bad dog gets the mange but he doesn’t die of it.

A white dog is like a black dog.

The dog survives the winter but
only his skin knows how.

Music unheard has no value.

The talk of the many can cripple a man.

A fox knows much; a hedgehog one great thing.

He who has nothing else to hold on to,
will even grasp at a drawn sword.

Don’t be afraid of a dog that barks.