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Greek Proverbs (201-300)

Wealth counts not so much as good will nor
as knowledge and pleasant speech.

A wolf and a sheep never agree.

Don't sprout up where you have not been planted.

If wishes were granted, even beggars would grow rich.

If the wolf feared rain, he would wear a cloak.

He who strains himself grows old quickly.

The wolf doesn't devour his prey near his den.

Where words fail beating succeeds.

From the lips starts the word and reaches thousands.

Women have long hair and short wisdom.

Words can turn the course of a river.

Lazy and silly women marry well.

Appear always what you are and a little less.

If the baby doesn't cry, they don't give it the breast.

Good accounts make good friends.

Feed a wolf in the winter and he will
devour you in the summer.

If the wind is not on your road, let it blow.

Don't put water into somebody else's wine.

The first man's steps become a bridge for the second one.

Better ten stabs than ten bad words.

A vineless vineyard and smooth-running
love hold out no charm.

Age brings experience, and a good mind wisdom.

Ask for advice, but do what you think is best.

He who has patience gets what he wants.

When the baby cries, it is either hungry or in pain.

The mill does not grind without water.

Careless mind, double work.

Better a light stomach than a heavy conscience.

Stubbornness gets a black eye.

The potter knows where to place the handle.

A good anvil is not afraid of the hammer.

A hungry bear does not perform.

Many stones will bring down the walnut.

Unless one suffers one does not learn.

Every argument has its answer.

Vinegar offered free is as sweet as honey.

Sour vinegar taints the jar.

A little bait catches a large fish.

Don't step even on an ant.

A wheel doesn't turn if it isn't greased.

The whims of the living become the bequests of the dead.

As mother and father, so daughter and son.

A miser and a liar come to terms quickly.

People's mouths can't be sewn up liks sacks.

Nature follows its course and a cat the mouse.

He who has money does what he pleases.

The thief and the liar fare well the first year.

All the old things seem beautiful, and the rich men wise.

One who goes into a mill comes out covered with flour.

Needle and thread do the work well.

One has the name and another the worth.

The rich man's wealth is enjoyed by crafty tradesmen.

Wealth is cautious.

Virtue means sweat.

Truth holds though it is bitterly taken.

Poverty passes by an industrious man's door.

It takes both millstones to grind the flour.

An hour brings what a year does not.

With money a donkey was ordained a priest.

Fence your own vineyard, and keep your eyes from those of others.

By labor are good things obtained.

He who seeks many things loses even a few.

He who owns vineyards admires them
and he who sees them covets them.

There is no difference between blackness and blindness.

Work done quickly gives pleasure.

The treasures turned out to be charcoal.

Better a snake's tongue to sting you than a man's.

Everything in its proper time; even fertilizer for the cabbages.

Time is the soul of everything.

He who finds a thing rejoices and he who owns a thing brags.

Cut the thread in the middle to find an end.

Sail when the weather is fair; you do not know what the morrow will bring.

Where there is envy, there is meanness.

The rude man shall be rudely treated.

Marriage and cooking call for forethought.

The hard worker toiled and the lazy man rejoiced.

A good youth, a good old man.

Meat is sold with bones.

A meal for the priest, a mouthful for the deacon.

The rich man displays his wealth and the poor one his children.

The unwed matchmaker looks for himself.

A turning wheel does not get rusty.

Stagnant water has an evil smell.

The timid man loses many good things.

A late marriage, orphaned children.

A bad master quarrels even with his broom.

A fly can drive away horses.

What you learn in youth you do not unlearn in old age.

A bad year has thirteen months.

A master speaks but few words.

One who stays not before the other's eyes is soon forgotten.

Better a sick body than an ignorant mind.

Idleness is the mother of all evil.

An uninvited donkey has no place at a wedding.

Stir a fire with the poker and not with your hands.

It is better to be a soldier than a priest.

Sleep is better than food.

Fish is not caught without a bait.

Unbeaten clay cannot be made into bricks.

A son-in-law never becomes a son and a
daughter-in-law never quite becomes a daughter.