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Hungarian Proverbs (50)

A good man never hurts a tree.

A lovely child has many names.

When everybody is doing well,
the doctor is miserable.

The willing dancer is easily played to.

It's better to fear than to be frightened.

When God so wills, the broom loses its handle.

New king, new laws.

When the bridge is gone the narrowest
plank becomes precious.

A bashful beggar has an empty wallet.

Good coffee should be black like the devil,
hot like hell, and sweet like a kiss.

Illness gives you the taste of health.

If you like peace don't contradict anybody.

Accept a present and you have sold your freedom.

Frequent kisses end in a baby.

After a time even a dog makes a compromise with the cat.

Money speaks; dogs bark.

Sometimes a quick death is better than a long life.

It is better to always hurry than be late once.

If you want to get rid of your friend, lend him money.

After a time even a dog makes a compromise with the cat.

A sin, even if committed by many, remains a sin.

Even in the sun there are spots.

Two women are a party, three a crowd.

In wine there is happiness.

Law is a spider's web; big flies break through,
but the little ones are caught.

Even rest will make the lazy tired.

Only a doctor can kill you without punishment.

Nobody is hanged for thinking.

Time brings out the truth better than the judge.

A long hope is sweeter than a short surprise.

Happiness begins where ambition ends.

Nobody can rest in his own shadow.

Love is a dark pit.

Love and foolishness differ from each other only in name.

One bad example destroys more than twenty good ones build up.

Better a frequent penny than a rare shilling.

There is no such place in the world from
which a path would not lead to hell.

A fool makes his doctor his heir.

Who speaks much, either knows or lies much.

Did you give, forget it; did you accept, mention it.

If you give, give easily; if you accept, accept cheerily.

It is best to begin at the bottom.

An old spinster is not worth more than an unposted letter.

Thirty-two teeth can often not bridle the tongue.

Not always the pen, often the weapon writes the law.

A child, a drunkard, and a fool tell the truth.

It is a fine thing to die for one's fatherland,
but a still finer to live for it.

Shut your eyes if you are among the blind.

One road leads to heaven but many lead to hell.

The wind will fell an oak, but cannot destroy the reed.