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Filipino Proverbs (101-200)

Too much confidence is destructive.

The shape of your chips is determined by your chopping.

A woman who is dignified in her ways
is respected even by the irreverent.

Courage without discretion is useless.

If you have the desire, distance doesn't matter.

You can never divide water in the wooden bowl.

Too much bragging drives away wisdom.

One fool can drop a stone into a well
that a hundred men cannot take out.

No earthly joy is acquired without tears.

Gentle words ease sorrow.

Durable cloth is not easily torn.

A flood is more easily controlled than love.

One bad sheep can easily lead others astray.

If you want to eat eggs, bear the cackling of the hen.

The tiger does not eat its young.

The sea always ebbs after high tide.

Gifts are effective means of persuasion.

Too much happiness ends in sorrow.

He who seeks advice seldom errs.

If you go into a house, you must know where the exit is.

He who does not take chances cannot expect to be rich.

He who gives alms to the poor faces heaven.

Beauty will fade, but not goodness.

Fast goes the wind, but faster goes the thought.

It is easier to fathom the depths of the
sea than to find a true and sincere friend.

A man knows the faults of his neighbor but not his own.

What causes any battle to be lost is the
needless fear of the enemy's strength.

A guilty conscience runs and hides; it is never fearful though.

The innocent fears no accusation.

Where the horse is tied, there it feeds.

The kick of the female carabao is caress to the male.

No work can be finished if one does not have patience.

The guilty person flees from his own shadow.

A bird in the nest is better than one hundred flying.

A flying bird knows its destination.

He who comes last is usually more
fortunate than he who comes first.

Truth is the fruit of love.

Deeds are more fruitful than words.

Follow and adjust to current customs
in order to get along with others.

As the mother gost leaps, so does its young.

A good name is better than gold.

Time is gold.

A good follower makes a good leader.

A good woman is worth more than rubies.

In good times a friend has no value.

Better green fruit than ripe fruit that is wormy.

Joy is always guarded by sorrow.

The tears of the poor are the happiness of the rich.

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

It it hard to please everybody,
yet it is harder to fool anyone.

The hardest thing to do is to do nothing.

The hardest stone is eroded by constant dropping of water.

Bravery is the fruit of a thousand hardships.

Excessive courtesy can harm no one.

All heads have hair, but not all have brains.

As you have lived, so shall you die.

The day may come when the
hawk and the eel may meet.

A wound heals but bad words never fade.

He who boasts of his accomplishments will heap ridicule.

A wounded hero becomes even braver.

He puts his hands on his lap will suffer hardships in life.

A man is known by his works.

It is better to die in battle than to die of hunger.

It is better to go to bed hungry than to wake up in debt.

The beginning is good if the end is good.

He who is use to loincloth feels ill at ease in trousers.

No matter how long the procession is,
it will surely wind up in church.

He who is in the midst of pleasure
forgets everything else.

Wrong judgment is due to inadequate defense.

An industrious person soon succeeds.

He who intends to cheat often cheats himself.

There is no leaf that will not fall from the tree.

Knowledge is light; ignorance is a cloud.

A liar is brother to the thief.

Marriage is not a mere trial; it is forever.

A scalded cat is afraid even of cold water.

In death everyone is equal.

Learning is wealth that can't be stolen.

The pain of the little finger is felt by the whole body.

Marriage is no joke; it is not like rice
which can be spat out if it is too hot.

It is hard to die but it is harder to live.

Superficial love is like smoke that dissipates.

Sacrifice is bitter but its fruits are sweet.

As the crow is, so is its egg.

A woman's jewel is her chastity.

Shame sometimes can kill a man.

A small harpoon can kill a whale.

A word is not a knife but it wounds just as deeply.

Experience is better than knowledge.

Life is easy when one has labored well.

He who labors incessantly attains success easily.

He who believes in hearsay lacks in judgment.

He who stays last takes the most.

A lazy man's garden is full of weeds.

A lazy dog will not find even a bone.

If the leader is good, the followers will be good.

Every step leads to death.

Every pot has its matching lid.

It is advantageous to follow advice, for you will succeed in life.

He who in youth is idle will experience hardships in old age.