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Filipino Proverbs (001-100)

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.

He who is ignorant talks the most.

If the dog is patted on the head, it wags its tail.

A lazy dog will not find even a bone.

What good is the hay if the horse is dead?

Those who complain the most,
desire the most attention.

A good thing is never too late.

A keen sword is no better than
a dull one if it remains sheathed.

The real hero doesn’t call himself a hero.

Sweetness comes first, then bitterness follows.

A hole is more easily patched than a crack.

Even if the truth be buried for hundreds of years,
it will come out in due time and will flourish.

Wherever one goes, his habits follow.

If you desire knowledge study while still young,
for when you are old, learning comes with difficulty.

If you have money, you can make even a cat dance.

Even if the boat has a sail, it won't go if there is no wind.

A penny of your own is better than
a peso of your neighbor's.

It is easier for a cow to pass through the
eye of a needle than to hide a crime.

For a big button, a big buttonhole.

He who lets opportunities pass by
achieves something only with difficulty.

A habit acquired in youth is carried on in old age.

A man is known by his acts.

The water of all brooks must empty into the river.

It is better to be alone than to have a bad companion.

What can be settled amicably should not be settled violently.

Better not attempt anything that cannot be carried out.

Many women appear ideal in
public but are not so in their homes.

What you are as a child, you will be as a man.

He who asks his way will never go astray.

When the hardship is at its height, relief is near.

Victory is attained through courage.

In bad weather, a good seaman's
ability is seen on the sea.

From a bad seed will sprout a bad plant.

A bad wife is like a weed that kills the crop.

A bald pate is quickly shaved.

Honor cannot be bought.

A widow can be wooed on her return from the funeral.

No bad smell can be hidden.

The hook won't be bitten at unless it has bait.

He who errs should be taught and not ridiculed.

A flood can be controlled but lust, never.

No matter how much care is taken,
someone will always be misled.

A bird already caught is better than
a beast that is still to be caught.

Nobody will beat his own breast with a stone.

Courage beats the enemy.

Even the most beautiful flower has its thorns.

A good character is the real beauty that never fades.

Give the best you have to your guests.

There's a crocodile in every big river.

If you wall up a candle with boards, it will not shine.

No child was ever born without having been conceived.

Don't look at the teeth of a horse that you borrow.

A flower won't fall from the branch if it is not God's will.

A brave man will face a situation no matter how dreadful.

If there is no meat, be content with broth.

Hope and expectation are the brothers of boredom.

There is no burnt rice to a hungry person.

It is easy to find evil but difficult to find goodness.

A marriage between a young man
and an old woman is made by the devil.

Love is shown by deeds, not by words.

Gifts can soften even stone.

The fly that stands on the carabao's back
thinks that it is taller than the carabao.

He who lives in another man's house must be
very careful with his manners and movements.

A fish is caught by its mouth, a man by his words.

A man cannot change his face but he can change his habit.

As the parent monkey chatters, so does its young.

A home without many children will not know happiness.

The fish can't be cooked if you
don't have a chopping board.

It is difficult to climb but it is nice to be at the top.

A drowning person clings even to thorns.

It is easier to close a river than to stop gossip.

Even the most slippery eel and the clumsiest ladle may meet.

In a cluster of coconuts there is always a rotten one.

Nobody climbs a coconut tree without making notches in it.

Willing obedience depends upon him who commands.

One may conceal his riches but not his poverty.

The punishment of one's conscience
is heavier than that of the law.

In whatever they do, children should consult their elders.

Be contented with what God has given you.

Cook only as much rice as you have.

The coral crab when cornered will fight for its life.

You cannot cover or hide smoke.

As the parent crab crawls, so does its young.

Crime cries out for punishment.

Old people tend to be critical of the young,
forgetting their own past ignorance.

He who is critical is the one most deserving of criticism.

Don't cut down the tree to get the fruit.

To evade danger is not cowardice.

No one dares to slap the hand that gives.

No woman is ugly in the dark of night.

A promise is a debt you should not forget.

The melon seller declares his melon sweet.

Words are worthless unless backed up by deeds.

What God wants is deeds, not words.

Suffer the consequences of your deeds.

Strength is defeated by strategy.

Coincidence defeats a well-laid plan.

A lazy man will destroy his own house.

Nothing destroys iron like its own rust.

Money, wine, and women bring
about the destruction of man.