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Filipino Proverbs (201-300)

Wealth and happiness, like smoke, vanish.

Friendship, like mud, breaks when it dries up.

Bad words are like bruises.

Repeated strokes by a little axe can fell a big tree.

Caution minimizes loss.

A whisper is louder than a shout.

True love is sweet until the end.

Too much love causes heartbreak.

He who loves many won't marry anyone.

A loving heart is more precious than gold.

There is nothing like a true friend, loyal and faithful.

Clean thoughts are manifested in clean deeds.

One's breeding is shown by one's manners and speech.

A man's manners show his birth.

A young branch can be straightened,
but a mature one breaks.

Gold though mixed with sand will always be gold.

No matter how well a monkey is dressed, it remains a monkey.

There are more fish in the sea than can be caught.

Fault-searchers are those who have the most faults.

Father and mother are the most precious jewels on earth.

Whenever white cloth is dipped in mud, it gets dirty.

As the music goes, so goes the dance.

The dance is good when the music is good.

There is no narrow road for the man who truly loves.

Never forget your native land.

There are many people but there is only one native country.

A man in extreme need will clutch even at a sharp blade.

You can see the eye of a needle
but fail to see the eye of an axe.

A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

Hurt feelings never heal completely.

New king, new way of life.

There is no saint who is in hell.

Wealth is of no use to the dead.

If there are no jokes, there is no joy.

An angry man knows no reason.

Where there is no hardship,
there is no pleasure and happiness.

There's no glory without sacrifice.

Without peace there can be no national prosperity.

There is no bad food in time of starvation.

When there's no wind, there's no quivering of the leaves.

There is no storm that will not subside.

There's no bad follower to a good leader.

The noisiest drum has nothing but air inside.

A noisy can is empty.

Do not bar your door after the storm.

There is no cross that is not heavy.

Water does not rise above its source.

A country's freedom cannot be bought by any amount of gold.

Boldness is the fruit of hope.

Gray hairs do not always mean old age.

God takes care of an oppressed man.

Don't measure others by yourself.

Respect others if you want to be respected.

The woman who is always out in the
streets is likely to encounter evil.

Insults are more painful than lashes.

The love of one's country is greater than love for parents.

A child's good breeding depends upon the parents.

If you want to be at peace, you must learn to be passive.

A little tear if not patched will give rise to a big one.

If the dog is patted on the head, it wags its tail.

Don't forget to pay your debts whether
they have been forgotten or not.

After trouble comes peace; after darkness comes the sun.

A bone is more valuable to a dog than a pearl.

A prison made of pearls and gold is still a prison.

Humility is the pillar of piety.

He who plays with fire gets burned.

The fool plucks at a wasp's nest.

There is no pointed thing that does not become blunt.

Don't pour water on a drowning dog.

Laziness is the mother of all poverty.

He who prays often has many sins.

A country without freedom is like a prisoner with hands tied.

Wherever there is gossip, there will be quarreling.

An unmarried woman who is quarrelsome loses half her worth.

A habitual borrower quickly becomes impoverished.

The child that is given all that he asks for
will rarely succeed in life.

Heaven is not reached in a single bound.

If you sow arrows, you will reap sorrows.

A shadow reflects only the external,
not the internal qualities of a person.

We need not regret a fall if it is for a worthy cause.

We remember the umbrella only when it rains.

A restless person gets himself into a jam.

Sin cries out for retribution.

A man's character is revealed by his words.

He who has foresight will be rewarded.

Harvest the rice grains while they are ripe.

A spoiled child is his parents' grief.

Nobody is a coward when his rights are trampled upon.

Sweet fruit usually has a bitter rind.

A fruit that ripens on the tree is delicious.

Every road leads somewhere.

Daughters and rotten fish should not be kept long.

The rough hand is the way to wealth.

The earth has ears; rumor has wings.

The real coward runs even if he is not wounded.

There is no success if there is no sacrifice.

Let the sail come down if the wind becomes strong.

Love is the salt of life.

He who does not save will live in want.

Spread your blanket only as far as your feet.