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Chinese Proverbs (401-500)

If friends have faith in each other
life and death are of no consequence.

If your books are unread, your descendants will be ignorant.

Soft grass follows the wind.

At steady gambling even the gods and immortals lose.

Yellow gold is plentiful in the world,
white-haired old friends are few.

It is good to be neither high nor low.

The word forbearance is the treasure of the household.

Yellow gold has its price learning is priceless.

Even the gods and immortals sometimes make mistakes.

He who sows his grain in the field puts his trust in Heaven.

To talk good is not to be good,
to do good, that is being good.

Working slowly produces fine goods.

All the thousands and tens of thousands of gods are all one god.

If there is gold in the house,
there are money scales waiting outside to weigh it.

When you have once gone out the door,
we do not recognize the goods.

By following the good you learn to be good.

In the field the good grain is the other fellow's
on the road the pretty woman is the other man's wife.

Even the ten fingers cannot be of equal length.

Do not thrust your finger through your own paper lantern.

Gods and immortals sometimes lose their swords.

Pure gold does not fear the furnace.

The wild grass fears the frost, and the frost fears the sun.

When the guests have gone the host is at peace.

In haste there is error.

What one hears is doubtful,
what one sees with one's own eyes is certain.

Though the left hand conquer the right, no advantage is gained.

Don't ask a guest if you may kill a fowl for him.

There is no grief so great as that for a dead heart.

Other people's harvests are always the best harvests.
One's children are always the best children.

A dry finger cannot take up salt.

Do not rely on your present good fortune.
Prepare for the year when it may leave you.

"I heard" is not as good as "I saw."

The distant grove you see surrounds either a house or a grave.

If you have happiness, don't use it all up.

You can't clap with one hand.

Heat belongs to all cold varies with the clothing.

A house established by oppression
cannot long enjoy its prosperity.

At home it is always pleasant,
far away from home it is always unpleasant.

Better at home than a mile away from it.

If the heart is firm, the body is cool.

When the horse comes to the edge of the cliff,
it is too late to draw rein.

The fish sees the bait, not the hook.

Horse and cow face the wind differently.

The heart of a little child is like the heart of the Buddha.

Almighty Heaven is not indifferent
to those whose hearts are earnest.

Cavalry horses delight in battle.

He who sows hemp will reap hemp.
He who sows beans will reap beans.

For each man to whom Heaven gives birth
the earth provides a grave.

What Heaven has ordained man cannot oppose.

To follow the will of Heaven is to prosper to rebel
against the will of Heaven is to be destroyed.

If Heaven creates a man, there must be some use for him.

Even a good horse cannot wear two saddles.

If there is food left over in the kitchen,
there are poor people in the street.

Heaven protects the good man.

To know one's self is to know others,
for heart can understand heart.

A little impatience spoils great plans.

Don't waste days in idleness the bright spring
will not come this way again.

Ivory does not grow in the mouth of a dog.

Hunger is cured by food, ignorance by study.

With happiness comes intelligence to the heart.

Idleness breeds lust.

Find your inn before nightfall.

Economy makes men independent.

A great fortune depends on luck, a small one on diligence.

Garden flowers are not as fragrant as the flowers of the field,
but the flowers of the field do not last as long.

An inch of gold will not buy an inch of time.

Ice three feet thick is not frozen in a day.

One family builds a wall, two families enjoy it.

An inch of time on the sundial is worth more than a foot of jade.

An innkeeper never worries if your appetite is big.

Don't burn false incense before a true god.

An image-maker never worships the Buddha.

One does not use good iron to make nails,
nor good men to make soldiers.

Alms given openly will be rewarded in secret.

Each house has its long and its short.
Each door has its high and its low.

Have no recollection of favors given.
Do not forget benefits conferred.

If family lives in harmony, all affairs will prosper.

Intelligence consists in recognizing opportunity.

Of ten reasons which a judge may have for deciding a case,
nine will be unknown to men.

One joy scatters a hundred griefs.

Beautiful or not, it is my native land.

When a king makes a mistake, all the people suffer.

The lamp of one house cannot light two houses.

Wherever you go, speak the language of that place.

Learning is like rowing upstream not to advance is to drop back.

Learning which does not advance each day will daily decrease.

When the leopard dies, he leaves his skin a man, his reputation.

To attend the emperor is like sleeping with a tiger.

The first part of the night, think of your own faults,
the latter part, think of the faults of others.

Win your lawsuit and lose your money.

Though annoyed to death, do not file a lawsuit.

Even if we study to old age we shall not finish learning.

To learn to be industrious takes three years,
to learn to be lazy takes only three days.

If you don't want anyone to know it, don't do it.

Learning is a treasure which follows its owner everywhere.

The hinge of a door is never crowded with insects.

The lamp of one house cannot light two houses.

Wherever you go, speak the language of that place.

One lamp in a dark place is better than lighting a seven-story pagoda.

He who teaches me for one day is my father for life.


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