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Tanzanian Proverbs (39)

A drummer and a singer are the beneficiary not the listener.

A child of the kwale bird learns how to fly.

A soft tree is never broken by wind.

A stubborn person sails in a clay boat.

Authority is in generosity.

Big fish are caught with big fish hooks.

Faster, faster has finished off the people of Bwilo.

God's rain falls even on the wicked.

I have been bitten by a tsetse fly.

If you are injured by a thorn,
you will be healed by a thorn.

If you really love something, your fate is in its hands.

If you want something, you must work for it.

Individuals have different talents.

Milestone cornmeal unites families.

One glass can ruin all the beer.

Sweet words lure the snake out of its cave.

That which is good is never finished.

The dugout canoe does not know the depth of the water.

The cultivator is alone, but those who eat are many.

The day does not return.

The elephant can be tripped by a creeping plant.

The mouth does not forget what it tasted only one time.

The laziness of youths is worse than war.

The water of the sea is only to be contemplated.

The stranger is a white chicken.

The wind does not break a tree that can bend.

The leopard does not sleep on a dry branch.

The thing that will hurt you will always
on coming back even if you try to avoid it.

To stay a long time in the water does not make you clean.

Tomorrow makes known to us what tomorrow will bring.

Two ants do not fail to pull one grasshopper.

Two bulls can't stay in the same corral.

Water follows the slope.

We rest our legs, but never our mouths.

When the crocodile jumps around

he ends up by receiving the spear.

When God cooks, you don't see smoke.

Who owns too much, remains unhappy.

Why do you behave like a woman
whose son has just gotten married?

You overcame the rain, but what about the dew?