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God (051-075)

God often pays debts without money.
— Irish

God never pays his debts with money.
— English

God needs no help when he cuts wood.
— African (Ovambo)

God moves slowly yet his grace comes.
— Irish

God makes no wreck without cause.
— Swedish

God makes and apparel shapes,
but it is money that finishes the man.
— English

God loves the poor and helps the rich.
— Yiddish

God loves not a lying tongue.
— Irish

God love the Trinity.
— Russian

God knows whose oil burns in the lamp.
— Serbo-Croatian

God knows who is a good pilgrim.
— French

God knows well which are the best pilgrims.
— English

God is the real physician.
— African (Swahili)

God is the blacksmith who does not forge for only one.
— African (Bemba)

God is the best of witnesses.
— Lebanese

God is present not in strength, but in truth.
— Russian

God is pleased with good people.
— Indian (Kashmiri)

God is not yet going on crutches.
— Finnish

God is not rich; all He does is take
from one and give to the other.
— Yiddish

God is not as severe as he is said to be.
— Irish

God is no man's debtor.
— Serbo-Croatian

God is in heaven and grass is on the earth.
— Icelandic

God is great, but the devil is clever too.
— Rumanian

God is everywhere, except where he has his delegate.
— German

God is at the end when we think he is farthest off it.
— English