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Friends (101-125)

Blessed is the man who has friends,
but woe to him who needs them.
— Czech

Build a fence even between intimate friends.
— Japanese

Choose your friends like your books,
few but choice.
— English

Conceal not your secret from your friend,
or you deserve to lose him.
— Portuguese

Correct your friend secretly and praise him publicly.
— Czech

Disclose not your defects even to a friend.
— Indian (Tamil)

Distance promotes close friendship.
— Indian (Tamil)

Distrust is poison to friendship.
— Danish

Drinking kindness is drunken friendship.
— English

During the dry season it is better to
befriend the owner of the pirogue.
— Ugandan

Eat and drink with a friend, but have
no business transaction with him.
— Turkish

Even if you become the enemy of a good man,
don't become the friend of a bad man.
— Japanese

Even reckoning makes long friends.
— English

Every rose has a thorn as its friend.
— Iranian (Pashto)

Everybody's companion is nobody's friend.
— German

Everybody's friend, everybody's fool.
— German

Everybody's friend, nobody's friend.
— Italian

Everybody's friend and nobody's friend is all one.
— Spanish

Fall not out with a friend for a trifle.
— English

Feasting makes no friendship.
— English

For a friend seven versts do not make a detour.
— Russian

Friend to everybody, true to nobody.
— Czech

Friends may meet but mountains never.
— English

Friends and mules fail in the time of need.
— Indian (Hindi)

Friends should have a high wall between them.
— Chinese