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Evil (026-050)

Evil may spring from the tiniest thing.
— Irish

Evil name is evil fame.
— English

Evil tongues are silenced by
the tinkle of coins in your pocket.
— Yiddish

Evil is soon done, but slowly mended.
— Danish

Evil is soon believed.
— English

Evil penetrates like a needle and spreads like an oak tree.
— Ugandan

Evil is of old date.
— African (Egypt)

Evil beginning has evil end.
— English

Evil condoned is evil consented.
— Mexican

Evil counsel is the root of misfortune.
— African (Hausa)

Evil deeds are like perfume; difficult to hide.
— African (Jabo)

Evil deeds done in secret are seen by the spirits as a flash of fire.
— Chinese

Evil follows good, good follows evil.
— Japanese

Evil gotten, evil kept.
— English

Evil gotten, evil spent.
— English

Evil is easily learned by everyone.
— Maltese

Evil words corrupt good manners.
— English

Following virtue is like climbing a hill;
following evil is like slipping down a precipice.
— Chinese

For evil tongues, scissors.
— Spanish

For every evil under the sun, there is a remedy.
— American

Fortune rarely brings good or evil singly.
— English

Good and evil are chiefly in the imagination.
— English

Good at a distance is better than evil at hand.
— English

The reward of good and evil
is like the shadow following the substance.
— Chinese

Great evils requires great remedies.
— Dutch