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Enemies (026-050)

Anger is the sworn enemy.
— English

Anger with our friend, rather than
constant friendship with our enemy.
— African (Egypt)

Art has no enemy but ignorance.
— English

Be mild towards the wretched,
but stern towards an enemy.
— Irish

Better a good enemy than a bad friend.
— Yiddish

Better have a dog for your
friend than your enemy.
— Dutch

Better a a friend's bite than an enemy's caress.
— Danish

Better a wise enemy than a foolish friend.
— Lebanese

Better that my enemy should see good
in me than I should see evil in him.
— Yiddish

Beware of a reconciled enemy.
— French

Beware of an enemy, even though he be only an ant.
— Turkish

Beware of your friends, not your enemies.
— Yiddish

Bribe is the enemy of justice.
— African (Swahili)

Brothers who get along will always defeat the enemy.
— Cameroonian

Carelessness is a great enemy.
— Japanese

Courage beats the enemy.
— Filipino

Do not spread your corn to dry at an enemy's door.
— Spanish

Evading the enemy is true courage.
— Filipino

Even if you become the enemy of a good man,
don't become the friend of a bad man.
— Japanese

Every man will shoot at the enemy,
but few will gather the shafts.
— English

Friends through fortune become
enemies through mishap.
— English

Gifts from enemies are dangerous.
— English

Gifts from enemies are plentiful, but not what you might expect.
— Japanese

Give a loan and make an enemy.
— Indian (Hindustani)

God defend me from my friends;
I'll keep myself from my enemies.
— English