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Dogs (301-340)

There is some respite from a barking dog,
but never from wagging tongues.
— Rumanian

There's no showing the wolf to a bad dog.
— French

They are not all thieves at whom the dog barks.
— Norwegian

Though a dog becomes fat, its meat is not edible.
— Lebanese

Throw no stones at a sleeping dog.
— Danish

Timid dogs bark most.
— German

Too much pudding will choke a dog.
— English

Trust not a horse's heel nor a dog's tooth.
— English

Trust not a dog’s limp or women’s tears.
— Mexican

Two dogs over one bone seldom agree.
— German

Two dogs seldom agree over one bone.
— Dutch

Two dogs do not share one bone.
— Turkish

Two dogs fight for a bone and a third runs away with it.
— German

Wake not a sleeping dog.
— Dutch

Wash a dog, comb a dog, still a dog remains a dog.
— French

When an old dog barks, look out.
— German

When your hand is in the dog's
mouth withdraw it gently.
— Irish

When two dogs fight for a bone, the third runs away with it.
— Dutch

When the whelp plays, the old dog grins.
— English

When the old dog barks he gives counsel.
— Spanish

When the mosque is open, the dog
forgets its manners.
— Iranian

When the entrance is carefully shut
a dog does not come in.
— Japanese

When the dog is drowning
every one brings him water.
— French

When the dog is down,
every one is ready to bite him.
— Dutch

When the dog is awake,
the shepherd may sleep.
— German

When a dog is hungry it eats even dung.
— Hebrew

Where there are no dogs the wolves howl.
— Serbo-Croatian

Where the dog drinks there he barks.
— Serbo-Croation

Where there are no dogs the fox is a king.
— Italian

While the dogs yelp, the hare flies
to the wood.
— Danish

While the dog gnaws a bone,
he loves no company.
— English

While the dogs are growling at each
other the wolf devours the sheep.
— French

Who makes the wolf his companion
should carry a dog under his cloak.
— Italian

Who has no bread to spare
should not keep a dog.
— Spanish

Who has no more bread than need,
must not keep a dog.
— English

With two dogs they killed the lion.
— Hebrew

You can't wash the black off a black dog.
— Russian

Young dogs have sharp teeth.
— Danish

Young people and dogs take many useless steps in an hour.
— Czech

Love me, love my dog.
— English