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Death (151-172)

Truth is death to the guilty.
— Welsh

Truth may suffer to death, but it never dies.
— Mexican

Until death there is no knowing what may happen.
— Italian

Until a man dies his value is not known.
— Turkish

War is death's feast.
— English

We do not even get death free of charge,
for it costs us our life.
— Russian

We are living with death trailing us.
— Filipino

Wealth will not keep death away.
— Welsh

What life gives death takes.
— Swedish

What death takes it will not restore.
— Welsh

What is play to the cat is death to the mouse.
— Danish

What is play to one is death to another.
— Indian (Bihar)

When the messenger of death comes, all affairs cease.
— Chinese

When it is God's will to plague a man,
a mouse can bite him to death.
— Dutch

When death is there, dying is over.
— Russian

When death is on the tongue,
repentance is not difficult.
— Polish

When death comes, the dog presses up
to the wall of the mosque.
— Turkish

When the moth flies around the flame,
it burns itself to death.
— Chinese

When the brothers fight to the death,
a stranger inherits their father's estate.
— African (Ibo)

When life is exhausted, death comes.
— Vietnamese

When death comes, the rich man has no money,
the poor man no debt.
— Estonian

Worries about children continue until death.
— Lebanese