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Custom (34)

A veil of rope is better than breach of custom.
— African (Morocco)

A cake and an ill custom must be broken.
— English

A bad custom is like a good cake,
better broken than kept.
— English

An old custom will prevail.
— Welsh

An agreement will override custom.
— Welsh

Break the legs of an evil custom.
— English

Custom and law are sisters.
— Slovak

Custom becomes law.
— Spanish

Custom is rust that mocks at every file.
— Czech

Custom is nature to a man.
— Turkish

Custom is second nature.
— English

Custom is stronger than law.
— Russian

Custom is the twin of the innate character.
— African (Egypt)

Custom makes all things easy.
— English

Custom is a fifth nature.
— African (Egypt)

Custom without reason is but ancient error.
— English

Dogs bark more from custom than fierceness.
— English

Every land its own custom, every wheel its own spindle.
— Portuguese

Every community has its own customs and traditions.
— Filipino

Every country has its custom.
— Spanish

Follow and adjust to current customs
in order to get along with others.
— Filipino

Good scales bring good customers.
— Greek

It is hard to break a hog of an ill custom.
— English

It is better that a village should fall than a custom.
— Albanian

Markets have customs and
communes have traditions.
— Vietnamese

National customs are national honors.
— Danish

Once is no custom.
— Dutch

So many countries, so many customs.
— English

So many villages, so many customs.
— Serbo-Croatian

The command of custom is great.
— English

To change customs is a difficult thing.
— Lebanese

To circumstances and custom the law must yield.
— Danish

When you enter a village, observe its customs.
— Korean

When you enter a country, inquire as to what is forbidden;
when you cross a boundary, ask about the customs.
— Chinese