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Beauty (026-050)

Beauty passes, but perfection remains with us.
— Turkish

Beauty provokes thieves sooner than gold.
— English

Beauty cannot be by force.
— Turkish

Beauty will buy no beef.
— English

Beauty will not make the pot boil.
— Irish

Beauty will not season your soup.
— Polish

Beauty and folly are often companions.
— French

Beauty will sit and weep, fortune will sit and eat.
— Indian (Tamil)

Beauty is the seasoning of virtue.
— Polish

Beauty's sister is vanity, and its daughter lust.
— Russian

Beauty is only skin deep.
— American

Beautiful people are short lived.
— Korean

Beautiful or not, it is my native land.
— Chinese

He who marries a real beauty is seeking trouble.
— Ghanaian

One can neither put beauty into the pot,
nor loveliness into the kettle.
— Estonian

Personal beauty does not pay a debt.
— African (Ashanti)

Sweet beauty with sour beggary.
— English

Tell a woman she's a beauty,
and the devil will tell her so ten times.
— English

The beauty of a loan is repayment.
— Russian

The beauty of a chaste woman makes bitter words.
— Irish

The beautiful is less what one
sees than what one dreams.
— Flemish

The beauty of the man is his intelligence,
and the intelligence of the woman is in her beauty.
— African (Morocco)

The beauty of the corn cob
is apparent in the inside only.
— African (Swahili)

There is no beauty
but the beauty of action.
— African (Morocco)

You are beautiful; but learn to work,
for you cannot eat your beauty.
— African (Cameroon)