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No man is an island.
~ English Proverb, American [18888]

Made famous by the poet John Donne, his words have been repeated for centuries. Joan Baez reads the immortal poem from Meditation 17 - Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions:

This well-known assessment of the individual's need for community has been portrayed through literature, film and music.

A 1962 film of the same name is the true story of George Tweed, an American Navy radioman stranded on Japanese-occupied Guam during WWII. It portrays just how dependent one is on his connection to others to survive and maintain a sense of normalicy.

Another film portraying the cruelty of an individual's isolation is Tom Hank's 'Cast Away.' Humans are a social creature and this scene shows the extent one goes through to overcome the sense of loneliness and despair that comes from extended isolation.

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