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Slovakian Proverbs (95)

Measure ten times before you cut once.

A dog that fears barks more than he bites.

The tongue is the smallest organ in the body
but can do the most important tasks.

No woman is so old that she is not pleased when she is kissed.

Two old women and a goose make a market.

Fine work is its own flattery.

A woman without a mate is like a garden without an enclosure.

The wisdom of elders is better than the learning of youth.

Every dog barks differently

Work is the mother of life.

The truth rises to the surface like oil on water.

Time builds and destroys everything.

One tree does not make a grove.

Even four horses cannot pull back
what the tongue has let go.

One rumor breeds another.

Start a loaf and one slice soon follows another.

Better a sparrow today than a grouse on the morrow.

Prayer or no prayer, you can't eat out of an empty bowl.

Compulsory prayers never reach heaven.

Work half done is no work at all.

Love is never without some thorns.

A plea is always better than a threat.

As the pig, so the squeal;
as the man, so the manner.

Poverty is the mother of the arts.

A drenched person doesn't mind the rain.

Two people fit easier into one grave than under one roof.

Don't shake the tree when the pears fall off themselves.

The ox forgets it was once a calf.

Time and patience bring roses.

Misfortune teaches us to pray.

Virtue and beauty are a blessed association.

The devil will be no saint though
he be baptised in ninety-nine churches.

God does not desert the man who defends himself.

The late riser must content himself with wiping his mouth.

The young lobster learns his manner of walking from the old lobster.

Love needs no laws.

Everyone is wiser after the lawsuit is ended.

Who learns not how to suffer, learns not how to rule.

No learning without pain.

If there were no sin there would be no hell.

A gold or silver key will open any lock.

The husband is the head, the wife the crown on it.

Gossip is like coal: If it does not
char at least it will blacken.

Don't trust a strange dog.

There is an end to every song.

Cabbage is best after it is reheated seven times.

Debt is worse than poverty.

Kill your anger while it is small.

Even the devil is not as black as he is painted.

Better to eat bread in peace, then cake amidst turmoil.

An ass is most pleasing to another ass.

Custom and law are sisters.

After dark every cow is black.

A cow is tied by its horns, a man by his tongue.

A common danger produces unity.

There is no wise response to a foolish remark.

Good fortune closes the eyes, misfortune opens them.

Too many cooks overspice the food.

Even God does not satisfy all people.

Do not look for apples under a poplar tree.

Do not depend on the cat to guard the bacon,
or the wolf the sheep.

Three corners of the house rest upon the wife;
the fourth upon the husband.

Who buys cheap pays twice.

Anger is the only thing to put off till tomorrow.

Gold without wisdom is but clay.

Justice is power.

The flour tastes bitter to the mouse who has had enough.

Real friends will share even a strawberry.

Hope is a great deceiver.

The fast horse soon gets tired.

The heart does not grieve over
what the eyes have not seen.

The bigger the horn, The louder the sound.

A horse is petted just before it is bridled.

There is often a wise head under a tattered hat.

The world holds more for the healthy than the wealthy.

To a tired mare, even her tail seems heavy.

Youth is no virtue.

The head suffers because of the tongue.

A scalded dog fears even the rain.

The dog with many homes dies of hunger.

If you can plug a hole with a finger, don't use your palm.

Even pain has its joy.

The dog barks at the moon in vain.

If you want to know a secret ask the young children.

No kitchen is forsaken where there is cabbage cooking.

The sun loves to peer into a home where love is.

A secret love is always a true love.

A dog that fears barks more than he bites.

Why should the cow trouble to think
if she has plenty of hay?

A scalded dog fears even the rain.

The dog with many homes dies of hunger.

Don’t trust a strange dog.

Every dog barks differently.

An uneven hitch pulls badly.

The dog barks at the moon in vain.