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Serbo-Croation Proverbs (001-100)

Large trees grow slowly and fall suddenly.

Good reputation is worth more than a golden belt.

He who rises early is rewarded doubly.

A dull vinegar and a lenient master are good for nothing.

He who often threatens takes vengeance but rarely.

A good reputation is better than a golden girdle.

He who has been bitten by a snake is afraid of lizards.

Better a sparrow in the hand than a falcon in the forest.

Pride swells with flattery.

A priest is not chosen by the length of his beard.

Mend the hole while it is small.

The quail is very small but can tire both horse and rider.

The saddle is a burden to the bad horse.

It is easier to take care of sheep than money.

Good luck is better than brains.

A dead man pays no debts.

A wise man goes slowly but arrives surely at his goal.

So many villages, so many customs.

He who has not served cannot command.

The vineyard needs no prayers, but a hoe.

Losses teach men wisdom.

A lie stands on slippery ground.

The mother of a hero is the first to weep.

The miser ends by giving more, and the lazy man by going further.

Who does not mend the old will never wear the new.

Money should always be counted
when found in the roadway.

A sick person eats but little and spends much.

Eat and drink with your own people,
but do no business with them.

Even mice do not go to an empty house.

Priest and peasant together know more than the priest alone.

One can escape from slavery but not from the grave.

Peace pays what war gains.

May he who asks for war have it in his own home.

The unjustly acquired wealth never reaches the third generation.

You cannot cover the sun with the palm of your hand.

A wolf changes his coat but never his nature.

When wine comes to an end, so does conversation;
when money comes to end, so do friends.

When big bells ring, little ones are not heard.

When coins rattle philosophers are silent.

It is better to be a bull for a year than a cow for a hundred years.

A greyhound forced to hunt catches no hare.

Blood is not water.

Hunger drives the wolf to the village.

Belief is easier than investigation.

Oat bread today is better than cake tomorrow.

No candle is wanted to look for a fool.

A fine coat hides an empty belly.

There is a curse on stolen goods.

Every bird has a hawk above it.

For every wagonload of wisdom there are two of stupidity.

He who drinks wine will get drunk, he who
rides a horse will sometimes fall.

It is easy with a full belly to praise fasting.

Better be in debt than in shame.

Who owns the cake may wield the knife.

Where the army passes there is no grass.

Quick to believe is quickly deceived.

One devil does not scratch out another devil's eyes.

Who does not keep a cat keeps mice.

A cow may be black, but her milk is white.

Weigh your words, do not count them.

An empty knapsack is heavier to carry than a full one.

What is wanted in the house is not given to the church.

Where the dog drinks there he barks.

Polite words open iron gates.

Great lords and dogs do not close the door behind them.

An ugly man does not often look into the glass.

A sick person eats but little and spends much.

Every man knows the lining of his own cloak.

The fearless man is the first to be wounded.

A drunkard is not he who thinks much, but he who gets drunk.

No resolution without discussion.

The wise man cannot recover the stone
which the fool threw into the well.

Man learns as long as he lives and then dies ignorant.

The just man laughs and the guilty hides himself.

The rich man eats when it seems good to him, and the poor when he can.

The wise man cannot recover the stone
which the fool threw into the well.

Weigh your words, do not count them.

No trade without tools.

The rich man eats when it seems good to him, and the poor when he can.

You cannot carry two watermelons under one arm.

The master does not ask the donkey if he may load him.

Be on the watch when an old dog barks.

If dogs had their way there would be no horses.

A tired fox finds his tail heavy.

Better suffer injustice than commit it.

Polite words open iron gates.

He who is not satisfied with a full spoon
will never be satisfied with the scrapings.

Better a bad harvest than a bad neighbor.

Where there are no dogs the wolves howl.

What satisfies the pig also fattens him.

Better retire in honor than advance in disgrace.

Who goes to bed early and marries young will never repent.

Work is for men and thrift for women.

Even the emperor cannot feast from an empty dish.

Excellence is no distinction among the excellent.

Turkish sabre The tongue of a woman is sharper than a Turkish sabre.

The apple that ripens late keeps longer.

A cheerful heart spins much flax.

Hungry hounds make good hunting.

The gaily colored hen is not always the best layer.