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Portuguese Proverbs (100-136)

A good thing is known when it is lost.

Supper is soon served up in a plentiful house.

Better a sparrow in the hand than two flying.

A man of straw is better than a woman of gold.

Conceal not your secret from your friend,
or you deserve to lose him.

Where you tell your secret you surrender your freedom.

Other times, other counsels.

The lazy servant takes eight steps to avoid one.

Pray to the saint until you have passed the slough.

Rosary in hand, the devil at heart.

Lying pays no tax.

There's no living without friends.

The man of your own trade is your enemy.

Give a grateful man more than he asks.

Another man's trade costs money.

Go not with every ailment to the doctor,
nor with every plaint to the lawyer.

Before you marry consider what you do.

Meddle not in what you don't understand.

Before you marry reflect, for it is a knot you cannot untie.

Every land its own custom, every wheel its own spindle.

Love has no law.

Every fly has its shadow.

The rat does not leave the cat's house with a bellyful.

Money is not gained by losing time.

Play with an ass, and he will slap your face with his tail.

Don't leave the high road for a short cut.

Go not with every hunger to the cupboard,
nor with every thirst to the pitcher.

Honor and profit will not keep in one sack.

An hour of play discovers more than a year of conversation.

A small hatchet fells a great oak.

Let not the tongue utter what the head may have to pay for.

Another's misfortune does not cure my pain.

Better deserve honor and not have it
than have it and not deserve it.

Everyone is wise for his own profit.

The dog that barks much bites little.

Beware of a dog that does not bark.

The dog that barks much is never good for hunting.