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Native American Proverbs (101-150)

Even animals have their taboos.
— Plains Indian proverb

Respect everyone, but lower yourself to no one.
— Shawnee proverb

When you die, you will be spoken of as
those in the sky, like the stars.
— Yurok proverb

Friendship cannot be bought; you have to help make it.
— Sauk proverb

Only two relationships are possible —
to be a friend or to be an enemy.
— Cree proverb

When you lose the rhythm of Mother Earth,
you are lost from the rhythm of life.
— Cheyenne proverb

Friendship is held to be the severest test of character.
— Dakota proverb

Our pleasures are shollow, our sorrows are deep.
— Cheyenne proverb

When a man prays one day and steals six,
the Great Spirit thunders and the Evil One laughs.
— Oklahoma proverb

Frogs don't drink up all the water in the ponds they live in.
— Oglala proverb

Our first teacher is our own heart.
— Cheyenne proverb

When the widomkeepers speak, all should listen.
— Seneca proverb

Give your host a little something when you leave;
little presents are little courtesies and never offend.
— Seneca proverb

s People seeking a myth will usually find one.
— Pueblo proverb

When an elder speaks, be silent and listen.
— Mohawk proverb

Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all.
— Plains Indians proverb

Old age is not as honorable as death, but most people want it.
— Crow proverb

Truth does not happen, it just is.
— Hopi proverb

If you wonder often, the gift of understanding will come.
— Arapaho proverb

Take your children with you where you go and be not ashamed.
— Hopi proverb

You can't purchase friendship —
you have to do your part to make it.
— Sauk proverb

I am one with the Earth.
— Navajo (DinĂ©) proverb

Silence is the cornerstone of character.
— Lakota proverb

Who serves his fellow man is all the greatness.
— Dakota proverb

Good and evil cannot dwell together in the same heart,
so a good man ought not to go into evil company.
— Delaware proverb

Regard Heaven as your Father, Earth as your Mother,
and all things as your Brothers and Sisters.

When we show our respect for other living things,
they respond with respect for us.
— Arapaho proverb

Flowers are for our souls to enjoy.
— Lakota proverb

One has to face fear or forever run from it.
— Crow proverb

What is past and cannot be prevented
should not be grieved for.
— Pawnee proverb

Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance.
— Lakota proverb

Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.
— Shawnee proverb

When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard.
— Lakota proverb

He who is present at a wrongdoing,
and does not lift a hand to prevent it,
is as guilty as the wrongdoers.
— Omaha proverb

Respect the gift and the giver.
— Omaha proverb

When there is true hospitality, no many words are needed.
— Arapaho proverb

He who has great power should use it lightly.
— Seneca proverb

See how the boy is with his sister and you can
know how the man will be with your daughter.
— Plains Indians proverb

When we understand deeply in our hearts,
we will fear and love and know the Great Spirit.
— Oglala Sioux proverb

He who would do great things
should not attempt them all alone.
— Seneca proverb

See how much more beautiful the sun is today, when you are not angry.
— Lakota proverb

When the legends die, the dreams end;
there is no more greatness.
— Shawnee proverb

Hold fast to the words of your ancestors.
— Hopi proverb

Seek wisdom, not knowledge.
Knowledge is of the past.
Wisdom is of the future.
— Lumbee proverb

When you have a talent of any kind,
use it, take care of it, guard it.
— Sauk proverb

How we fought for our country is written in blood.
— Duwamish proverb

People's eyes say words that the tongue cannot pronounce.
— Crow proverb

We are made from Mother Earth
and we go back to Mother Earth.
— Shenandoah proverb

A brave man dies but once — a coward many times.
— Ioway proverb

In age, talk; in childhood, tears.
— Hopi proverb