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Mexican Proverbs (82)

Show not your teeth when you are unable to bite.

Once a traitor, always a traitor.

No fly dares to get near a boiling kettle.

When the midwife is incompetent she blames the child for it.

No ass is lazy when tempted or teased by the manager.

Love, poverty, and care cannot be hidden.

Duty is to be before devotion.

The heir's tears are but a mask to disguise his joy.

Horses obey to the rein; women submit to the spur.

Faced by two goads no bull is brave.

Old cats show great fondness for little, tender mice.

Evil condoned is evil consented.

If envy were leprosy, how many lepers in the world would be.

We see faces, we do not see hearts.

Tell me what you are eager to buy
and I will tell you what you are.

A dog that stands still will never run across a bone.

A withered flower and a faith lost never bloom to live again.

Fortune is like a wall that falls on those who lean on it.

Don't let yourself be operated upon
by a doctor with a shaking hand.

Deeds, not words, are the true language of love.

The gardener's footsteps do not spoil the garden.

The sun is the poor man's blanket.

When a friar begs in the name of God
he does so for himself too.

Even the tiniest hair will cast a shadow upon the ground.

When gray hairs begin to appear,
the lust for life begins to disappear.

Mistrust your best friend as if he were your worst enemy.

Trust not a dog's limp or women's tears.

Whoever is an ox of his own choice finds
pleasure in the licking of his yoke.

Girls are wont to say no with their lips,
but with their eyes they say yes.

Grinding and grinding wears out
the hardest of grindstones.

True friendship is like a single soul
split in two to fill two bodies.

God speaks for the man who holds his peace.

The bird seeks the tree, not the tree the bird.

A pair of women's breasts has more
pulling power than a pair of oxen.

Not even God can undo a blow received.

Bullets are shot by men and God deals them out.

One's face is the mirror of one's soul.

Fear never uses a donkey to ride away.

Truth may suffer to death, but it never dies.

Since excuses were invented, no one is ever in the wrong.

No fate is worse than a life without love.

Hope is the last thing to die.

The best way to put an end to the
bugs is to set fire to the bed.

He who reaches for the stars must
be willing to pay the cost.

A full stomach gladdens the heart

Once on the down grade, even rocks have wheels.

One string is good enough to a good musician.

No studies are necessary to become a fool.

The servant of the church eats out of the church's hand.

A good deed is the best prayer.

Do not refuse the body what it asks for.

Life pends from a thread.

Love and brandy have soothing aftereffects both.

The roof of an old hut is always full of leaks.

Women and cats are both animals ungrateful.

Raise a wall of mortar and stone between
the holy man and the saintly woman.

Time heals and yet it kills.

A reformed woman of the streets is the best of women.

No endeavor is worse than that which is not attempted.

The evil done in the gloom of night will
appear disclosed in the light of day.

Better porridge in peace than chocolate in alarm.

Once on the horse one must be able to endure the ride.

Nothing better than honey to catch flies.

Potters never fail to praise their pots,
the more so when they are cracked.

You cannot worship a saint that is unknown.

Kisses are first, and cusses come later.

No heart is sadder than a penniless pocket.

A lasting leisurely pace goes farther than a tiring trot.

Never has a begloved cat caught a mouse.

Nobody carries corn to a worn out mill to be milled.

It isn't quite the same thing to comment on
the bull ring and to be in the bull ring.

Who suffers much is likely to find comfort in very little.

Cheapness costs dearly.

Cleanliness is the luxury of the poor.

Courtesy is compatible with bravery.

Who promises much is most likely to fulfill very little.

You are sure to find another cross if
you flee the one you bear.

A corpse and an uninvited guest stink after a couple of days.

No highway is safer than the one just robbed.

It is not enough for people to know how to ride;
they must know how to fall.

Trust not a dog’s limp or women’s tears.

A dog that stands still will never run across a bone.