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Malagasy Proverbs (16)

A rolling stone, it stops not till the bottom is reached.

A lie is plump in private but lean in public.

Better lose a little money than a little friendship.

Scandal is like an egg; when it is hatched it has wings.

Desire doesn't equal destiny.

Death is the pursuer, disease the constant companion of man.

Regret is not first but last.

Powder doesn't refuse fire, nor fire fuel.

Don't help a bull out of a ditch, for when he's out he'll butt.

Water doesn't refuse to go down, nor smoke to go up.

Don't be so much in love that you can't tell when the rain is coming.

It will do no good to have wealth that you won't use.

A patient that can swallow food makes the nurse doubtful.

Don't think of the shortness of the day, but of the length of the year.

Cheated customers and satisfied customers balance each other.

The end of the ox is beef, and the end of a lie is exposure.