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Lebanese Proverbs (001-100)

If speech is silver, silence is gold.

Not all stones are building stones.

Send your son to the marketplace
and see who his friends are.

A man's safety is in holding his tongue.

If you are an anvil, bear the strokes,
and if you become a hammer, strike.

The house of the oppressor shall fall in ruins.

Do not marry your lover, and never
take back the man you have divorced.

Birds perch with similar birds.

Enter houses through their doors.

Not every long thing is a banana,
nor is every round thing a walnut.

He who wants to eat honey should bear the sting of bees.

Joking starts merrily; it ends with sorrow.

Money gets the bride.

A stingy person dies in a sickly condition.

A smiling face is even better than hospitality.

Poverty without debts is perfect riches.

Hope without work is like a tree without fruit.

Do not stretch your feet beyond your carpet.

Unguarded property teaches people to steal.

Women's intrigues surpass those of men.

Worries about children continue until death.

Prices and lifetimes are in the hands of God.

Bitten by a snake, frightened by a rope.

Experience is the best of schools.

Though a dog becomes fat, its meat is not edible.

Patience extracts sweetness from sourness.

A good reputation is better than accumulated wealth.

Man's ornament is his mind.

A misfortune is like a cake of soap;
first it’s large, then it’s small.

Patience is the key to relief.

Not all people can be driven by the same stick.

The home which reared me forgets me not.

Do not strike when the iron is cold.

A stingy person dies in a sickly condition.

One bird in the hand is better than ten on the tree.

Inquire about the mother before you marry a girl.

The worst ache is the present ache.

That which is in his heart is at the tip of his tongue.

A snake is not killed by its own poison.

An angry man is a brother of the madman.

Man is a wingless bird.

One word in its place is worth a camel.

Politics has no religion.

One hand cannot hold two watermelons.

Repetition teaches the donkey.

Too much money blinds the eyes.

If you’re not dead, you still have a chance for success.

A donkey is a donkey though it may
carry the Sultan's treasure.

Lock your door rather than suspect your neighbor.

When modesty becomes rare, disaster prevails.

The camel's intention is one thing,
the camel driver's is something is something else.

If you miss the meat, take the soup.

Two acrobats cannot perform on one rope.

He who does not eat garlic does not smell of garlic.

A camel's dung points to the camel.

Love of one's country is religion.

God is the best of witnesses.

The camel wants one thing and
the camel driver wants another.

He who wants to play with a cat
should be able to bear its scratches.

A proverb never tells a lie.

The cock crows, but daybreak is from God.

A drop and a drop cut through the rock.

Not every time a dog barks should a bone be thrown to it.

A child is a child though he may be the ruler of a town.

Reckon the climb before reckoning the descent.

Partial collection of a debt is better than total loss.

If you want to have a country ruined,
pray that it may have many heads.

The first stage of fury is madness,
the end of it is repentance.

To change customs is a difficult thing.

Too many cooks burn the food.

With or without the crowing of the cock, dawn breaks.

The day has eyes and the night has ears.

Death has no mercy upon anyone.

He who steals an egg will steal a camel.

Do today what you want to postpone till tomorrow.

Appetite comes with the first mouthful
and a quarrel starts with a word.

Eggs are not fried with wind.

He who took the donkey up to the roof should bring it down.

A friend is known at the time of distress.

Reckon loss before reckoning gain.

Mecca is not far for him who intends
to make the pilgrimage.

Love overlooks defects and
hatred magnifies shortcomings.

Out of sight, out of heart.

Repetition is beneficial.

The house in which there
are no children is dark.

Silence is the brother of acceptance.

Full stomach, full happiness.

Rather let it hurt your stomach
than give it away to enemies.

The sun cannot be hidden by a hand.

He who plants thistles does not reap grapes.

Life is like donkeys rubbing against each other:
You scratch me, I scratch you.

No fire can cook a mess of stones.

A small house may hold a thousand friends.

Advice once was worth a camel;
now that it is free of charge, no one takes it.

If a lie saves, truth is a surer saviour.

The rope of a lie is short.

The son of an old man is an orphan,
and his wife is a widow.

Love blinds itself to all shortcomings.

A watermelon does not break knives,
nor does a cabbage bend swords.

It is for the watchman to watch,
but it is also for the thief to steal.