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Italian Proverbs (301-400)

That which is customary requires no excuse.

Fair words won't feed a cat.

Your enemy makes you wise.

Who errs in the tens errs in the thousands.

He who loses is always in fault.

For the buyer a hundred eyes are too few,
for the seller one is enough.

The feast passes and the fool remains.

It is easy to preach fasting with a full belly.

Better lose the saddle than the horse.

Among thorns grow roses.

One enemy is too many, and a hundred friends are too few.

Many are brave when the enemy flees.

The world is like a staircase; some go up, others go down.

He who has a bad tongue should have good loins.

The elephant does not feel a flea bite.

A vagabond monk never spoke well of his convent.

The father a saint, the son a devil.

The eye is blind if the mind is absent.

All that's fair must fade.

Not all are asleep who have their eyes shut.

Every saint has his festival.

He who has been stung by a serpent is afraid of a lizard.

Everyone goes with his own sack to the mill.

One eye of the master sees more
than four eyes of his servants.

Who excuses himself without being
accused makes his fault manifest.

Everyone finds fault with his own trade.

He who would enjoy the feast should fast on the eve.

The world wags on with three things:
doing, undoing, and pretending.

The world is governed with little brains.

Even a fly has its anger.

Every fool wants to give advice

He is a fool who thinks that another does not think.

Who is born a fool is never cured.

You must shift your sail with the wind.

Bad is the sack that will not bear patching.

He is a fool who does not know
from what quarter the wind blows.

Let every one keep off the flies with his own tail.

He who has crossed the ford knows how deep it is.

A fool knows his own business better
than a wise man knows that of others.

He that paints a flower does not give it perfume.

Fire drives the wasp out of its nest.

A starved town is soon forced to surrender.

He that will not strive in this world
should not have come into it.

It is a good file that cuts iron without making a noise.

The fly that bites the tortoise breaks its beak.

Running water carries no poison.

He who sleeps catches no fish.

Fire is not quenched with fire.

Who knows not how to flatter knows not how to talk.

Every fool is wise when he holds his tongue.

Fortune helps fools.

Flies flock to the lean horse.

Fortune comes to him who strives for it.

He who has teeth has no bread,
and he who has bread has no teeth.

A hundred years cannot repair a moment's loss of honor.

A fool throws a stone into a well, and it requires a
hundred wise men to get it out again.

Water, smoke, and a vicious woman drive men out of the house.

Everything is good in its season.

There is no fool like a learned fool.

Don't cry fried fish before they are caught.

The fools knows more in his own house than the sage in other men's.

Big flies break the spider's web.

Everything may be borne except good fortune.

Better slip with the foot than with the tongue.

A fool can ask more questions than
seven wise men can answer.

It is not every flower that smells sweet.

The friendship of the great is fraternity with lions.

He who does the wrong forgets it, but not he who receives it.

A secret imparted is no longer a secret.

A full sack pricks up its ear.

No one ever repented of having held his tongue.

Reconciled friendship is a wound ill salved.

Let every fox take care of his own tail.

It is good to have friends everywhere.

At last foxes all meet at the furrier's.

Even foxes are caught.

To preserve friendship one must build walls.

Even a frog would bite if it had teeth.

Who has nothing is nothing.

The right hand is slave to the left.

Hatred renewed is worse than at first.

Handsome is not what is handsome, but what pleases.

It's a very proud horse that will not carry his oats.

Hell is full of good intentions.

Every truth is not good to be told.

Great griefs are mute.

It is truth that makes a man angry.

There's no getting to heaven in a coach.

Never spur a willing horse.

Hedges have no eyes, but they have ears.

It is no honor for an eagle to vanquish a dove.

There is no peace in a house where
the hen crows and the cock is mute.

It is vain to fish if the hook is not baited.

A good horse never lacks a saddle.

If the hen had not cackled we should
not know she had laid an egg.

There is no helping him who will not be advised.

Health without money is a half malady.

Who has no head should have legs.

The bucket goes so often to the well
that it leaves its handle there.

The virtue of silence is a great piece of knowledge.