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English Proverbs (4601-4700)

The toe that is tramped on feels most.

Laziness travels so slowly that
poverty soon overtakes him.

The last straw breaks the camel's back.

No playing with a straw before an old cat.

A jest breaks no bones.

All feet tread not in one shoe.

In trust is treason.

Measure is treasure.

Memory is the treasure of the mind.

He that feeds the poor has treasure.

A great tree has a great fall.

There is no tree but bears some fruit.

Wit without learning is like a tree without fruit.

Gold grows (not) on trees.

Plenty is strength.

One trick needs another trick to back it up.

Time tries all things.

Empty bags cannot stand upright.

Right reckoning makes long friends.

God strikes not with both hands.

The smartest of us gets tripped up sometimes.

Haste trips up its own heels.

Better strive with an ill ass than carry the wood oneself.

Who rises late must trot all day.

Two in distress make trouble less.

Better be unmannerly than troublesome.

It must be true that all men say.

Many a true word is spoken in jest.

If you trust before you try,
you may repent before you die.

He that gets money before he gets wit
will be but a short while master of it.

He that hunts two hares loses both.

A woman that paints puts up a bill that she is to be let.

He that repents is a fool.

Envy shoots at others and wounds herself.

He that trusts a thief is a fool.

What's said can't be unsaid.

Buy at a fair but sell at home.

The biter is sometimes bit.

Fire is love and water sorrow.

Stolen pleasures are sweetest.

Hanged hat never fattens cattle.

Mice care not to play with kittens.

Little girls have little wit.

Look before you leap.

One swallow does not make a summer.

Better be the tail of a horse than the head of an ass.

There are many witty men whose brains can't fill their bellies.

A noble plant suits not with a stubborn ground.

With will one can do anything.

More flies are taken with a drop of honey than a tun of vinegar.

Change of fortune is the lot of life.

Nature is nature.

No trade without returns.

Pride in prosperity turns to misery in adversity.

Let every cuckold wear his own horns.

Once warned, twice armed.

Dissembled sin is double wickedness.

Best to bend while it is a twig.

Mistakes will happen.

Words and feathers are tossed by the wind.

The wise and the fool have their fellows.

All fish are not caught with flies.

Every mile is two in winter.

There are only two good men;
one is dead, and the other is not born.

It takes two to tango.

From words to deeds is a great space.

The more knave, the worse company.

Right wrongs no man.

A hasty meeting, a hasty parting.

Land was never lost for want of an heir.

Young folks will be young folks.

Cruelty is a tyrant that's
always attended with fear.

Women must have their wills.

All is well that ends well.

The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor.

Old reckonings make new quarrels.

Dirt will rub off when it is dry.

Good words cost no more than bad.

Facts are stubborn things.

The worst pig often gets the best pear.

He that sleeps bites nobody.

The subject's riches are the king's power.

If hope were not heart would break.

Every day brings new light.

We can live without our friends,
but not without our neighbors.

Many hands will carry off much plunder.

Catch not at the shadow, and lose the substance.

Nothing succeeds like success.

The earth produces all things and receives all again.

Too much praise is a burden.

Fear and shame much sin does tame.

Such saint, such offering.

He that touches pitch shall be defiled.

Good luck in cards bad luck in marriage.

Truth fears no colors.

Women conceal all that they know not.

Wine that costs nothing is digested before it be drunk.

Health and wealth create beauty.

The more the fox is cursed, the better he fares.

An ass was never cut out for a lap-dog.