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English Proverbs (3501-3600)

Great weights hang on small wires.

He quits his place well that leaves his friend there.

A dead bee will make no honey.

It's an ill wind that blows nowhere.

The pride of the rich makes the labors of the poor.

Good counsel is lacking when most needed.

Wealth is like rheum, it falls on the weakest parts.

A little worm will lie under a great stone.

One cannot live upon prospects.

Not a long day, but a good heart rids work.

You must lose a fly to catch a trout.

In love and war no time should be lost.

For mad words deaf ears.

The mistress makes the morning,
but the Lord makes the afternoon.

Love does much but money does all.

More words than one go to a bargain.

The more danger, the more honor.

The beast that goes always never wants blows.

Nurses should not have pins about them.

Out of old fields comes new corn.

An hour of pain is as long as a day of pleasure.

Bread with eyes and cheese without eyes,
and wine that leaps to the eyes.

A cask and an ill custom must be broken.

A thread too fine spun will easily break.

Health is great riches.

Better ride an ass that carries me than a horse that throws me.

The borrower runs in his own debt.

It is good riding in a safe harbor.

Better to be blind than to see ill.

The miller sees not all the water that goes by his mill.

Self do, self have.

The shortest way is the best way.

Alms quench sin.

He that has some land must have some labor.

Better speak to the master, than the man.

The more mischief, the better sport.

When children stand still, they have done some ill.

One may steal a horse while
another may not look over the hedge.

It is day still while the sun shines.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Life is sweet.

Fish should swim thrice.

Every thing tells.

Great barkers are no biters.

Accusing the times is but excusing ourselves.

A true man and a thief think differently.

On a good bargain, think twice.

Better two losses than one sorrow.

One favor qualifies for another.

It is better to quarrel with a knave than with a fool.

A quarrelsome man has no good neighbors.

A little stream may quench thirst as well as a great river.

She is chaste who was never asked the question.

Quick at meals, quick at work.

A quiet conscience causes a quiet sleep.

Never quit certainty for hope.

When the devil quotes Latin, the priests go to prayers.

Better wear out shoes than sheets.

Though a lie be well dressed, it is ever overcome.

No better bread than is made of wheat.

Power weakens the wicked.

Children will be children.

Let them laugh that win.

It is wisdom sometimes to seem a fool.

Wit will walk where will is bent.

Wickedness with beauty is the devil's hook baited.

Hunger drives the wolf out of the woods.

No raillery is worse than that which is true.

Care not would have it.

Service without reward is punishment.

Hear before you blame.

Haste and wisdom are things far odd.

Fair words cost nothing.

In for a penny in for a pound.

A fool may make money, but it needs a wise man to spend it.

Brave actions never want a trumpet.

Thieves never trust one another.

Everyone can keep house better
than her mother till she tries.

A full belly neither fights nor flies well.

The other side of the road always looks cleanest.

A poor spirit is poorer than a poor purse.

Time and patience will wear out stone posts.

The mother's side is the surest.

An apple at night puts the dentist to flight.

Virtue and trade are the best portion for children.

Water afar off quenches not fire.

A ragged colt may make a good horse.

Crooked logs make straight fires.

Although it rain, throw not away your watering pot.

After drought comes rain.

It rains in summer as well as in winter.

Pudding before praise.

Make no fire, raise no smoke.

Raise no more spirits than you can conjure down.

Land which will raise hemp will produce any other crop.

A slander that is raised is ill to fell.

Plain dealing is praised more than practiced.

Virtue praised increases.

God gives all things to industry.

Once a captain always a captain.