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English Proverbs (2101-2200)

He that measures not himself is measured.

Folly may hinder a man of many a good turn.

Vice makes virtue shine.

Seldom comes a loan laughing home.

One thing thinks the bear, but another thinks his leader.

They who drink beer think beer.

Bounty being free itself, thinks all others so.

It's an ill horse that can neither whinny nor wag his tail.

A ship and a woman are ever repairing.

Love well, whip well.

Ill-gotten goods thrive not to the third heir.

The world is his who knows how to wait for it.

He that plays his money ought not to value it.

You can have no more of the fox than his skin.

No man is going to die till his time comes.

You can't whistle and drink at the same time.

Youth and white paper take any impression.

He that has no children knows not what is love.

There is no fool like the old fool.

Everybody loves his own likeness.

A little stone may overturn a great wagon.

Love to live and live to love.

The longest pole gets the persimmon.

Lost time is never found again.

The devil loves all colliers.

Truth should not always be revealed.

A shoemaker's son is a prince born.

A hog can trespass on his master’s ground.

When gold speaks you may even hold your tongue.

The shoe will hold with the sole.

See all, say nothing, hold yourself content.

The older a fool is, the worse he is.

Brag is a good dog but Holdfast is a better.

Better a clout than a hole out.

The tinker stops one hole and makes two.

Every day is holiday with sluggards.

Hypocrisy is a sort of homage that vice pays to virtue.

No work, no honey.

High winds blow on high hills.

Home is where the heart is.

He that will not when he may, when he will shall have nay.

Only fools and fiddlers sing at meals.

Man is the head but woman turns it.

He that would an old wife wed
must eat an apple before he goes to bed.

Handsome is that handsome does.

A man of humor can hardly be a heartless scamp.

Banks have no heart.

He that is everywhere is nowhere.

Fiddlers’ dogs and flies come to feasts uncalled.

He that has no enemies has no friends.

He's so blind he can't see a hole through a ladder.

The lion is not so fierce as he is painted.

Every thing has an ear, and a pitcher has two.

A small heart has small desires.

It's a poor heart that never rejoices.

Where hearts are true, few words will do.

He shoots well that hits the mark.

A fair shop and little gain.

He that wants hope is the poorest man alive.

For the rose the thorn is often plucked.

A short horse is soon curried.

Anger is a short maddness.

Short shooting loses the game.

The longer forenoon, the shorter afternoon.

Wife and children are hostages given to fortune.

There is no hanging a man for his thoughts.

A calf's head will feed a huntsman and his hounds.

A lamb in the house, a lion in the field.

A young maid married to an old man,
is like a new house thatched with old straw.

The smoke of a man's own house is better than the fire of another.

Everyone is a master in his own house.

Every thing is of use to a housekeeper.

Fools build houses and wise men buy them.

Bare walls make giddy housewives.

Omelets are not made without breaking of eggs.

None plays the fool well without wit.

He that knows not how to hold his tongue knows not how to talk.

Straws show which way the wind blows.

The house shows the owner.

When the barn is full, you may thresh before the door,

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Every man can rule a shrew.

Don't throw away dirty water till you have got clean.

He that runs fastest gets most ground.

One saddle is enough for one horse.

As sails are to a ship. so are the passions to the spirits.

God sends corn and the devil mars the sack.

Quick believers need broad shoulders.

Long absent soon forgotten.

Speech is silver, silence golden.

Light suppers make clean sheets.

The fire which lights us at a distance, will burn us when near.

Black will take no other hue.

Humble hearts have humble desires.

Diversity of humors breeds tumors.

A sluggard takes a hundred steps
because he would not take one in due time.

Fair words hurt not the tongue.

Many words hurt.

He that does his own business hurts not his hand.

He that helps the evil hurts the good.

Jealousy shuts one door and opens two.