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English Proverbs (001-100)

The king's word is more than another man's oath.

A woman's reason: "because it is so."

Dogs that bark after a wagon, keep out of the way of the whip.

A pint is a pound the world over.

Necessity became a law.

Today rich, tomorrow a beggar.

A cripple in the right road, beats a racer in the wrong road.

A trade is a trade.

The world is a cheat.

A hog swimming cuts his own throat.

Women, wealth and wine have each two qualities:
a good and a bad.

A hint is about as good as a kick to some people.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Such a welcome, such a farewell.

Every thing has a beginning.

There is a time for all things.

Better riding on a pad than on a horse's bare back.

Pride will have a fall.

Rivers need a spring.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
are a tempest and hailstorm.

A mountain and a river are good neighbors.

Mutton is meat for a glutton.

He's born in a good hour who gets a new name.

No play without a fool in it.

He that has a great nose thinks everybody is speaking of it.

None so old that he hopes not for a year of life.

When a musician has forgotten his note,
he makes as though a crumb stuck in his throat.

He that makes his mistress a goldfinch,
may perhaps find her a wagtail.

Ill natures never want a tutor.

He that goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing.

One beggar is enough at a door.

A bellyful is a bellyful.

An empty belly makes a lazy back.

Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride a-gallop.

The cat is hungry when a crust contents her.

It's a sad burden to carry a dead man's child.

They have need of a besom that sweep the house with a turf.

A fair booty makes many a thief.

He that fears every bush must never go a-birding.

When the demand is a jest, the answer is a scoff.

A poor man's debt makes a great noise.

Such a cup, such a cruse.

Every devil has not a cloven foot.

They take a long day that never pay.

When the devil prays, he has a booty in his eye.

A civil denial is better than a rude grant.

After a delay comes a stay.

Beware of a silent dog and a still water.

An ounce of fortune is worth a pound of forecast.

A good face is a letter of recommendation.

Drunkards have a fool's tongue and a knave's heart.

Many drops make a shower.

Fancy is a fool.

It's a poor family which has neither a whore nor a thief in it.

It's an ill dog that deserves not a crust.

An ounce of good fortune is worth a pound of discretion.

A reconciled friend is a double enemy.

He is a fool that makes a wedge of his fist.

Venture a small fish to catch a great one.

The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be;
the devil was well, the devil a monk was he.

He goes not out of his way that goes to a good inn.

A friend is never known till a man have need.

Better be a fool than a knave.

A glutton young, a beggar old.

Dependence is a poor trade.

Fall not out with a friend for a trifle.

Never a Jack but there's a Jill.

An itch is worse than a smart.

When a friend asks there is no tomorrow.

A handful of good life is better
than a bushel of learning.

Trust not a new friend nor an old enemy.

Knowledge is a treasure.

Liberty without rule is not worth a straw.

Love makes a wit of the fool.

A wise man begins in the end;
a fool ends in the beginning.

Malice seldom wants a mark to shoot at.

A sleepy master makes his servant a lout.

Measure is a merry mean.

A man without money is a bow without an arrow.

Marriage is a lottery.

Luck is a lord.

It is better to marry a quiet fool than a witty scold.

A maid and a virgin is not all one.

Sit a while and go a mile.

The fish may be caught in a net
that will not come to a hook.

Every man is a king at home.

Like mother, like daughter.

Time rules all things.

Shut your eyes when you laugh,
and you'll never see a merry day.

The sea has fish for every man.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

People that want a will seldom want an excuse.

If pains be a pleasure to you, profit will follow.

Every herring must hang by its own gills.

Suspicion has double eyes.

A fool's bell is soon rung.

When passion enters at the foregate,
wisdom goes out of the postern.

Too much money makes men mad.

Wherever an ass falls, there will he never fall again.

Better be the head of an ass than the tail of a horse.