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Burmese Proverbs

If a needle can pierce it don't chop with an ax.

If the cattle are scattered the tiger seizes them.

The anger of the prudent never shows.

The desire to laugh is stronger than the desire to weep.

An ungrateful person loses his way.

The dog may bark but the anthill will not run away.

Store up the water while it rains.

Empty pockets, empty promises.

Dust does not rise because a dog-flea hops.

An old dog cannot be taught to sit up.

Excess in clothes leads to debt, in spending to slavery,
in eating to harm, in sleep to stupidity.

Silence is worth a thousand pieces of silver.

Though the centipede has one of its legs broken,
this does not affect its movement.

Only the sufferer knows how his belly aches.

Parents are the first teachers of the children.

A full gut supports moral precepts.

Seven days is the length of a guest's life.

Overcome violence only by gentle means.

An ungrateful person loses his way.

Guests only come to a happy house.

Faint heart misses the chance bravery wins a throne.

A swollen idea can bring ruin.

Ignorance is more troublesome than poverty.

Real ivory will not be eaten by insects.

The kind-hearted becomes a slave.

The more violent the love, the more violent the anger.

A monk has no concern with a comb.

A lazy man lies flat on his back.
A lazy woman stretches out her legs.

He who deliberates too much ruins his cause.

See it often, it looks smaller smell it often, it loses its scent.

Only with a new ruler do you realize the value of the old.

A real master needs no flagstaff.

The blind man is not afraid of ghosts.

In time of test, family is best.

Only if one accepts suffering will one enjoy benefit.

The soldering is proof of the goldsmith.

Virtue and morality keep similar company.

If you love your wife, praise her only when she is dead.

The good-hearted has a heavy load.

Teasing eventually turns to a quarrel.

The wax hardens when it's away from the fire.

You are skilled at what you are familiar with.

Sparrows who emulate peacocks are likely to break a thigh.

Water can never be forced into a solid bamboo.

One can't go to bed when a visitor stays late.

A betrayed trust is a mortal thrust.

When the disease is not known there is no remedy.

The dog may bark but the anthill will not run away.

An old dog cannot be taught to sit up.

When your strength is not sufficient, humble yourself.

The teeth that are going to chew for a long time
should try to avoid bones.

Timidity relieves one of responsibility.

A good tree can lodge ten thousand birds.

Mice cease to fear the cat when she is too old.

A stupid man conceives an idea only after the event.

Moderation is medicine, excess is peril.

A stupid act entails doing the work twice over.

Too much talk will include errors.