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Armenian Proverbs (78)

What the sword cuts will heal; what the tongue cuts will not.

A fallen tree provides plenty of kindling.

If you're afraid to get wet, you'll never make a good fisherman.

A wild flower on the mountaintop would not
change places with a rose in the garden.

Temptation arrives unannounced.

While the cautious one ponders,
the fool will cross the bridge.

The goat prefers one goat to a herd of sheep.

A girl with a golden cradle doesn't
remain long in her father's house.

The fox sits but once on a thorn.

If you keep calling a man a fool, he will become one.

Cover your eyes in the village where everyone else is blind.

Ask God for as much as you like,
but keep your spade in your hand.

There can be no church without incense or candle.

When the cart breaks down, advisers are plentiful.

To a mouse, there is no greater beast than a cat.

When God wants to make a poor man hppy,
he makes him lose his donkey and then find it again.

The busy hand does not beg.

Better to be an ant's head than a lion's tail.

In every man's heart there is a sleeping lion.

The heart of a fool is on his tongue;
the tongue of a wise man is in his heart.

When the herd reversed direction,
the lame became the leaders.

If you run after two rabbits,
you won't catch either one.

Better to lose your eye than your good name.

Go home when the table is set and to church
when the service is almost over.

The hound is lame till he sees the fox.

You don't soak lentils in your mouth.

The lion can't catch flies.

The lion is vanquished by a fly buzzing in his ear.

A man who picks up a big stone does not intend to throw it.

A drowning man will grasp the foam.

A blind man doesn't care if lamp oil is expensive.

The camel does not see his own hump.

A donkey knows seven ways to swim;
when he falls into the water, he forgets them all.

A dress that is not worn wears itself out.

Clouds mat thunder and still not bring rain.

See that you are wise, but also learn how to appear ignorant.

The wolf laments what he left behind,
the shepherd what he took away.

Speak the truth, but have one foot in the stirrup.

If there is no water in the stream,
no need to roll up your trousers.

A waterwheel profits from the urine of a mouse.

Fire is the rose of winter.

Always tell the truth in the form of a joke.

Train a wolf cub as much as you want,
he still won't become a lamb.

If there were wisdom in beards,
goats would be prophets.

A dog who barks too often leads the wolf to the sheep.

When the donkey wants to spite his master, he dies.

A well is not dug with a needle.

What the wind brings it will also take away.

You can't carry two watermelons in one hand.

A watermelon will not ripen in your armpit.

Don't pour cld water on cooked food.

First find the ford, then cross the river.

A dog who barks too often
leads the wolf to the sheep.

Thunder clouds do not always give rain.

You can't skin two hides from one sheep.

Eat bad soup with a big spoon.

The donkey has been to Jerusalem
forty times, but he is still a donkey.

The day will dawn even without the rooster.

The serpent moves deviously
save when she enters her nest.

Warm up a frozen snake and she will bite you first.

The snake distills her venom and
the bee her honey from the same flower.

One with a full stomach will not learn anything.

Spit against the wind and you spit in your own face.

Nobody will give a pauper bread,
but everybody will give him advice.

Keep on peeling an onion and it will disappear.

He who counts the onions and garlic shouldn't eat the stew.

In his dreams a mouse can frighten a cat.

A mule laden with gold is welcome at every castle.

By asking, one can find the way to Jerusalem.

A cat with gloves will catch no mice.

What good is a gold comb to a bald man.

A calf is not found under an ox.

You don't water a camel with a spoon.

One blossom doesn't make a spring.

The smallest of clouds can hide the sun.

For sins, you cry; but for debts, you pay.

Everything round isn't an apple.

The tiny ant dares to enter the lion's ear.