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Follow your bliss.
~ English Expression, American, Indian [19254]

The expression originated in ancient India by the Upanishads. It was later made popular in the west by Joseph Campbell. In mythology, it is the individual following the path of the hero's journey. A path everyone walks whether we are aware of it or not.

When PBS aired Bill Moyer's The Power of Myth series in 1988, the writings of Joseph Campbell gained wide recognition. The ancient proverb, now revitalized, became one of the most repeated, though often misunderstood, expressions of all time.

Many people have interpeted the message to be one of reckless abandon of responsibility. Campbell answered that it was a call to self-awareness and recognition of one's purpose and direction in life. Jokingly he suggested there would have been less confusion if he simply said, "Follow your blisters."

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